The Night Of Doom

By @jordancoburn
The Night Of Doom

I'm entirely new to writing, it has now taken over my life becoming my sole passion! Here is a short version of the book I am working on. Please understand the main plot line and other important information has been taken out. Obviously, I don't want my gripping storyline to be taken by someone else. I'm looking for anyone who is able to guide me in the publishing route or even to give feedback on my work.

Chapter 1


Ian bimbled around the corner, then his heart stopped. Immediately lunging back seeking the closest cover possible, which, happened to be a gable end. He reached down and unclasped his snuggly fitted handgun from its holster. A sense of immediate control overcome him. Peering out from behind his newfound cover, he stared through his weapon`s scope. Directly ahead was a narrow alleyway. The wall`s either side were too high to climb. There was no way he could turn back, not now, continuing was the only option. Thick steam seeped out from several sewer grills, creating a dense fog effect. Amongst the haze several wooden doors were visible. Where did they lead? The only light sources shone down from several dilapidated square lamps, that swayed in the midnight breeze. The sound of his gun being unholstered was all it took to alert the beast of his presence. It was now dragging its feet along the cobbly path heading in his direction. Often losing balance, stopping to correct itself; remaining in an upright position. The creature continually screeched, clawing at the air. Ian stood there smirking. He had seen this before, these things were slow, and he knew it. As Ian focused in through the weapon’s scope. He heard a muffled sound familiar to stomping feet in the distance. The sound brought back memories from years ago when running from City police was a daily routine. Momentarily, he forgot about the chilling sound, because now, he felt like he had hit the jackpot, the prize, a dumb creature in his line of sight ready to be shot.

He paused…………

There it was again, but now it was too loud to dismiss. To the right of the figure, copious amounts of faces could be seen, appearing through the misty haze. This wasn’t happing! These creatures were different from anything previously encountered. It looked and sounded like they were running. The beasts began screaming and lashing out mid-air. As they closed in their feet pounded into the cobbles, echoing around the once quiet area. Overwhelmed with pure terror standing from the safety of cover. Ian began firing off a barrage of shots. The smell of gunpowder filled the air, as bullets ripped through their prey; splintering and splattering on impact. The creatures lashed out in uncontrollable fits of rage, as the bullets embedded into their once human bodies. Several beasts at the front of the pack had taken a substantial pounding and fell to the floor. The rest of the hoard continued over their fellow monsters, crushing the remaining life out of them. New ghoulish faces emerged as if orchestrated in the previous creature`s places. The creature initially spotted, was sent flying to the floor by the approaching hoard. The creature’s face`s looked gaunt, gashes and horrific injuries were becoming more noticeable. One of the beasts had an arm missing, pieces of torn flesh hung in the bloodied arm socket, a stethoscope swung with the creatures every movement; the once white garment darkened by the vast amount of blood absorbed into the fabric. He couldn’t help but watch in amazement. The creatures were clutching at one another, tearing off flesh as they moved, the horrendous attacks on one another were carefree. Shaking his head vigorously he snapped out of the trance-like state. A sense of urgency took over.

Aiming his weapon into the group, to fire off another bombardment of rounds. A distinct click was heard as he pulled the trigger of the firearm. He knew that sound all too well, he began feeling around with his free hand, checking his pockets, he had run out of bullets. An overwhelming panic took over. Now he no longer had control of the situation. Fearing for his life, he continued to search, for the spare magazine. One of the incoming attackers screamed and frightened him. He jumped back. Suddenly, he remembered where he had placed the extra clip. Now gripping the spare magazine with his free hand, he dropped the empty mag out of his weapon. It made a metallic noise as it sprung out from the gun and hit the deck. The screams and gargling cries caused his hands to tremble. Then, with precision and perfect timing, a new magazine was loaded into the weapon. The sound of the advancing hoard was deafening. He took up pressure on the trigger aiming carefully into the group. Then unleashed another barrage of rounds. They just kept advancing. The bullets were ineffective, their bloodcurdling screams turned his stomach. He was now down to his last round. He had calculated every shot fired. Looking at the approaching group now only seconds away. He looked at his weapon and pressed it firmly into his head. Tears emerged as he closed his eyes for the final time, it was now his only option, dying at the mercy of the creatures was unthinkable. As he pulled the trigger, nothing happened! Frantically he opened his weeping eyes to look at the weapon…….. It was too late. The beasts showed no mercy as they tore into his warm flesh. All he could do was lie there screaming, praying for a quick death. Which never came.

Later that day

Sam scanned around the room grinning at all the scared faces on the rookies. While the lieutenant stood up front, given a mission brief on his raised podium. The atmosphere was energised and anxious. Even the lieutenant seemed on edge as he spoke. He unclasped his top button and slackened off his tie. His normal domina was generally calm and collective prim and proper. However, on this occasion, he stood under the bright spotlight. Tie hanging loose, top button unfastened, continually traversing around the wooden podium. Sweat was clearly visible, as it trickled down his forehead. He was clearly unable to look the men in the eyes. The lieutenant shouted abruptly, “a report has been received from the city creatures are attacking citizen’s, little is known at this stage about the attackers”. Idle chatter erupted throughout the room. He scowled and shrieked, “quiet men!”. The tone of his voice bounced around the confined room. Gazing at the crowd of faces he slowly began to fasten his top button, then re-adjusted his tie. The demonstration was to reassert his confidence and assurance to the men. All around the room, the men sat like meerkats perched, listening to his every word. After taking a second to compose himself he addressed the room again, “follow my orders and everything will go to plan”.

The room went silent. This was not going to be an easy mission the lieutenant could sense it. He watched the discouraged men leave the room. Sam, his long-time friend, looked back and caught his worried stare. Sam comprehended this wasn`t a good situation.

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