'The new believer' Book 1

By @Maker_of_music_

'The new believer' Book 1

By @Maker_of_music_

it is about 14 year old evie underdown coming to God and leaving her old life of killing, taking, and sinning even if that meant leaving her father behind. she was an investigater for a group of assasins coming to kill the cristians of that small town. not believing nor knowing what anything god related was. she became a believer after many months of staying their.

Chapter 1

the letter

Dear Father,

everybody here is crazy they believe something might be coming they all think its a savoir. I’m looking for answers but they all tell me the same thing “Jesus my savior will come Jesus my savior is Gods one and only flesh and blood. Pray for his forgivness dear child and he will save you to.” i dont understand their words. father i need answers i dont understand what is happening. Is Jesus real? Is God? They all ave this book full of what they call scriptures. They say it is a bible, father i am starting to believe them. they seem like they know it is true they believe and trust in this God of theirs. i want to investigate further in. i want to read these so called scriptures i will be home in months or even years.

i love you dear father please do not stop me now.

love your daughter,


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