'The new believer' book 2

By @Maker_of_music_

'The new believer' book 2

By @Maker_of_music_

this one is shorter then the other one but i still tried and worked hard.

Chapter 1

The new finding

“Grandfather anything come for me in the mail today” i asked “yes dear child a letter from your father, have you been writing him lately?” “yes grandfather” he handed me the torn faded yellow envolope. i slowly opened it as i walked out of the home.

“Dear Evie Darling,

I apoligize to you for not writing back soon enough. i am glad you found a place you feel at home, i am on my way with my crew. They volunteered to come to see you, they all miss you. I am coming for your birthday i have gifts for you. I am sorry this letter is not very good or very long. but, i cannot wait to see you my dear evie.

i love you darling i apoligize for not saying that a lot.

love your father,


The tears left my eyes i spoke no words for i was speachless. my birthday was 3 months ago, he never made it. I decided to go look for him, no matter how long the journey i will not rest till i find my dear father. If only mother was here to guide me on what to do. i went to grandfather and told him what i had decided showing him the letter that father had sent me. he started to cry along with me, and stated to help pack my bags. i grabbedd my bible, a journal, emvolopes, a pen, food and water, and lastly clothing.

it was the begginging of a long hard journey, i bid everyone goodbye and went on my way.

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