The never ending song

By @midnight111

Chapter 1

Short story

I sit on my bed alone, in the dark the only source of light is my TV playing the song that keeps bringing me back to this memory, home, the one place where everything has happened, my head starts to pull me back into that memory where my room was dark my dad was in bed with the door closed and the whole house was dark. I remember I had one person that always kept me going in hard times, it was my boyfriend, with me being the rebellious person that I was, I opened my window and let him in, just so I could feel his touch again, I remember those nights we would just lay in my bed talk for hours and hours the TV would still be playing the song that just makes me feel like that I am there again. Of course, the time came where he had to creep back out of my window so quietly, and began his journey back home, those are the nights where I could not stop crying, I open my eyes, and I am not in the dark I am sitting on my bed alone I am staring at my new TV playing the same song that played during the times I was either alone or with him, I look around and remember that I am in my new reality, so close in mind, but yet so far in distance, but still I never let that song stop playing it just goes on and on to the point where I feel like I am in my old bed with all my old things and my old self, I will never forget how that one song changed my whole life.

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  1. AutisticLed

    Sad. Seems to suggest trauma to me and the ‘song’ is the memory associated with it?

    That’s what I’m interpreting this as.

    Formal structure isn’t needed for this free poem-like release.

    Thanks for sharing.

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