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The Mysterious Life Of Lorelei Jones

By @Briannag288


“She noticed me! I knew she could do it. I know what to do now. I need to show her what I can do. I need her to push herself. She is more powerful than she realizes. Bigger. I need to go bigger.” It said, grabbing Michael’s dead body and biting into his neck again. Ripping another chunk out of Michael’s neck. “How should I do it? Maybe more than one next time? I’m strong enough now to do something bigger. She needs me. I wish I had someone who cared this much about me. She’s so fortunate to have me.”

It tossed Michael aside and walked out of the hallway. The mall was still as busy as ever.

“Excuse me?” A woman asked.

“Have you seen my kids? I told them to meet me around here when I was done.” She held out a picture of Sarah and Michael. “Have you seen them?”

“Sorry, I haven’t seen them. Hope you find them, though.” It said, walking away from her.

The woman kept asking people. A service worker opened the door to the hallway. It smiled as the worker screamed as people crowd the entrance. The woman let out a “NO!” as she ran to what was left of her son.

It knew they would have a harder time finding Sarah’s body. It sliced her into so many pieces that even it didn’t know where they all were anymore.

“I need to go bigger. She needs to get stronger. Lorelei, I can’t wait to show you so many wonderful things. Soon, Lori. Soon.”

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