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The Mysterious Life Of Lorelei Jones

By @Briannag288


It started at her from across the lawn. Taking in her form. It needed to know her. It needed her to notice it.

“Did you enjoy that, Lorelei? I did it just for you. Did I get your attention? I hope I did. God, you’re beautiful. That soft brown skin. I wonder if you smell as good as you look. All alone in this world. They don’t see you. Not like I do. What can I do? Tell me what I need to do for you.”

It saw how she clung to Connor. “He doesn’t know how special you are. He can’t even see us. He’s normal. He’s boring. I don’t want to hurt you. I’ll leave him alone for now. Just for you,” It said. Its eyes flicked to another female. “I know. I’ll give you another gift. I’ll make sure you see it this time. I promise you you’ll love it. Look forward to it, my Lorelei.”

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