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The Mysterious Life Of Lorelei Jones

By @Briannag288


The smell of bacon and eggs filled the house. Lori’s eyes flutter open. “When did I fall asleep?” Lori asked, yawning. She noticed the others had left. Lori notices a note left on the bedside table.

“Showtime, Lori. Come down and eat. – Connor.”

“Did he really write this?” Lorelei thought. Lori hated she had to question everything. Something told her that she could trust it. Setting the note aside, Lori went to the bathroom. It had been a while since she looked at herself. Lori’s hair was puffier than usual. Taking it out of her hairband, her hair expanded to its full size. “Looks like I was next to an explosion,” She said, picking at it. After making it somewhat manageable, she took a cloth and wiped her face. Taking extra care to wipe her mouth and hard as she could. She knew she would make Mortdecai pay for all of this. 

“Lori?” Connor’s voice came into her head. “Are you awake?”

“I am. I’ll be out in a second.”

“Okay, did you get my note? Joel made breakfast. We’ll meet you downstairs.” Connor’s voice disappears from her mind. It didn’t hurt as much now when he popped into her head. “Had he been practicing?” She thought. She finished up in the bathroom and stepped out into the hallway. Making her way downstairs, the smell gets stronger. Rounding the corner to the kitchen, Lori sees Joel putting out a plate of eggs next to a plate full of bacon. 

“Hey! Good morning, Lori. What happened to your hair?” Joel asked. Connor throws a spoon at him. “Ow!”

“That’s rude, *******. Her hair looks fine,” Connor thought.

“Sorry, that was mean. Uh, please sit. We still have time before we need to head out,” Joel pulled out some Orange Juice and some glasses. 

“Can we stop by my place before we head to the station? I need to get something and change clothes. If we’re heading to our deaths, I want to look presentable.” Lori laughed.

“I know you’re joking, but still. That’s dark even for you. I don’t mind stopping. Joel?” Connor thought.

“Hmm…we still have time. Sure. Your place isn’t that far from the station anyway. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it,” Joel said, turning off the stove.

“It’s no mini-mansion, but it’s home.” Lori grabs some food. “This is great!”

Joel laughed. “Thanks. If the music thing doesn’t work out, then I could always become a famous breakfast chief.”

“It’ll work out. You’re not that bad.” Connor thought.

“Hey! I’d like to hear you play something. You know what, scratch that. I don’t want you anywhere near my stuff. You’d probably set my guitar on fire just by touching it.”

“I do play a mean triangle.”

Lori couldn’t help but laugh. After all of the madness that’s happened, she’s glad that they can still enjoy the small things. “We should head out. It’s almost ten.” Lori grabs her plate and throws it out. Connor grabs his keys and heads towards the door. Joel and Lori follow behind him to the car. 

“You sure you’re okay to drive?” Joel asked. “I don’t mind. Plus, I’m a better driver.”

“My car. My rules. We could take yours. I don think a sports car will stand out,” Connor smiles and gestures to Joel’s car.

Joel held up his hands. “Fine. I won’t judge your driving too much.”

“Good. Lori? Do you want to ride shotgun? The child can sit in the back.”

“I’m alright to sit in the back,” Lori says, opening the back door and climbing inside.

Connor and Joel get in, and they head towards Lorelei’s place. Conor does his best to drive under the speed limit. That didn’t last long. 

“Would you slow down?!” Joel yelled.

Connor laughed. “Aw, come on! We’re on a deadline. The cops will understand.” His laugh echoing in their heads.

Wiping the car around the corner, they reach Lorelei’s apartment. 

“I’ll wait here. Yo, Thomas! You here?” Joel asked.

“Do you even have to ask?” Thomas appeared next to Lori. “Hello, Lorelei.”

“Morning, If anything happens, let me know, okay?” Lorelei pointed to the front of the apartment. “See the little spirits over there? Tell them to come and get me if something happens.”

Thomas nodded. 

“Come on, Connie,” Lori said, getting out of the car.

Connor growled and followed her upstairs. 

“Lorelei!” Three small spirits ran over to her. “We missed you! Where did you go?” They all said in unison. Lori noticed that each of their spirits was made up of different colors. Most spirits are a whitish-blue color. 

“Oh, her boyfriend is here! My mom says that when a boy and a girl go somewhere for a long time means only one thing.” The blue spirit said. 

“Like what?” The green spirit asked. 

“You know, dummy! If you don’t, I’m not telling!” The blue spirit said, laughing. “I’m smarter than you. So, don’t worry about it.”

“Don’t be mean. My mom says it means they were doing adult stuff. She told me I would find out when I’m older,” The red spirit said. 

“Sorry guys, I need to hurry up to my room.” Lori looked around and whispered, “I have a super-secret mission for you three. Wanna hear it?”

The spirits looked at each other and nodded. 

“You see that car over there? Can you tell me if anyone goes near it? I have a friend inside, and I need you guys to keep him safe. If it looks like he’s in trouble, can you come and get me?”

“Sure, Lorelei! I will protect the car!” The blue spirit said.

“We will protect the car. You can count on us, Lorelei,” The red spirit said. He nudged the green spirit.

“Uh, y-yeah, we got it.” The green spirit said. He didn’t sound like he wanted to.

“Thanks, guys,” Lori said as they disappeared.

“Why didn’t they have forms like Thomas?” Connor thought.

“They must’ve died a long time ago. Some spirits stay around so long that they forget what they looked like. Only remembering their voices. It’s sad to see them so young. It makes it hard to help them move on.” Lori scanned her card, and the door unlocked. “Anyway, let’s go up.”

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