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The Mysterious Life Of Lorelei Jones

By @Briannag288


“******* PIECE OF…UGH!” Joel yelled, kicking the wall.

“Joel, please. I know you’re ****** but taking it out on your house is going a bit overboard. Don’t you think?,” Lori asked..

“I’ll take it out on the world! It muted him! How are you both so calm? It broke in here and nearly killed him. I was stupid enough to leave the room. Just to play some music.” Joe said, continuing to kick the wall.

“She’s right. Kicking the house is not going to make you feel better. Catching this guy is. Did he tell you anything, Lorelei?” Thomas asked.

“He said his name is Mortdecai. He takes a piece of someone and eats it. That’s how he can change forms. You can probably guess what he took from Connie.” Lori said.

Connor grunted.

“Sorry, Connor.”

Connor nodded.

Joel looked at his brother. “I promise I will find this ****** and make him pay. I promise.”

Connor nodded. He put his hand on Joel’s shoulder and forced a smile.

“Stop it. I knew your faking.” Joel said, looking at the floor.

Connor shook Joel.

“I think he wants to tell you to snap out of it,” Lori said.

Connor nodded. He reached for his phone and typed a message. “What she said.”

“Thank god for technology. At least you can use that.” Joel laughed.

“I’m always on it anyway.” Connor typed.

“Always rolling with the punches. I’m glad you’re still here. I was worried that…” Lori trailed off. “Nevermind. You’re here. That’s what matters.”

“****** snuck up behind me. I tried to punch him, but my fist went straight through it. You were right. He was a black cloud that looked like a guy. He knocked me out and put me in my room. When I woke up, I noticed my mouth was bleeding, and also, my tongue was gone. I think I passed out from the shock.” Connor typed. “HE ATE MY TONGUE?! WHAT THE ****?”

“You think you have it bad. He ate my heart. In front of me. I’ll let you complain but not too much.” Thomas said. “Anything else, Lori?”

“He said he is planning something. It’s going to be big. He gave me this paper and told me to go to the train station at 12 pm. I think he is going to kill a lot of people.”

“Well, might as well add terrorism to the list. I wonder how big?” Thomas asked,

“Who cares?! We need to stop him before that happens. It’s…five am now. We need to get some sleep and regroup around eight. We head out at eight-thirty and scoop out the station. The station should be open by then. We look for anyone shady and question them,” Joel said.

“And ask what? Are you a murderer with ghost powers? Also, do you eat people?” Come on, Joel.” Connor typed.

“If they act weird, then they are normal. If they don’t, then they are suspicious. Anyone there should be considered dangerous,” Joel said. “I’m not a criminal justice major like you guys, but I’ve seen cop shows.”

“We’re so screwed,” Thomas said.

“Hey, none of that! The last thing we need right now is negativity. Alright, if we do this, we do it smart. Rule one: No one goes anywhere alone. That starts now. Thomas and Joel, you’re a team. Thomas, help Joel control his powers. I’ll stay with Connor. Any objections?” Thomas raised his hand. “Good. Rule two: We come up with a code word. If Mortdecai gets us alone, we’re screwed. So, to tell us apart, let’s come up with a word only we know.”

“Pizza Mouse!” Connor typed.

“Did he eat some of your brain cells too?” Joel asked.

“No, that’s good. When does that come up in regular conversations? Pizza mouse it is.” Lori said.

A robotic laugh came from Connor’s phone.

“Remind me to turn off your text to speak later,” Joel said.

“Rule three: If any of us are in danger, Joel and I can use the nearby spirits to send messages. We can ask for their help.”

“Do I have to, Lori? I’m not as comfortable as you are talking to them yet. No offense, Thomas.”

“Some taken. If he chickens out, then I’ll do it.”

“I won’t chicken out. I’ll get it done. If anything happens.”

“Alright, sounds like a plan. Everyone rest up. We have a long day ahead of us.” Lori said. Everyone nodded in agreement. 

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