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Chapter 1


Once there lived a poor girl in a poor village. Her name is Ria, She is the prettiest and cleverest girl in the village. when she turned into 16. Her parents noticed a strange change in her. she started cry blood tears. Her parents were soo shocked. The members in her village started to gossip about her that she is a monster. She stopped outing instead she used to cry inside her house.


Her parents decided to take her to city and search for a solution for her mysterious disease. But she refused to go.

Then her mother lost her patience and dragged her to the bus station by pulling her hair. whole village was staring at her. she started to cry aloud. she started to shed blood tears.still her mother didn’t stop. Finally they reached to a big city. they started searching for best hospitals in city for days. Finally they found the perfect hospital for her disease.

The docter name is mark. he is young and charming. That she can’t stop starring at him. Mark also found Ria beautiful. He can’t stop drooling. somehow he managed them to stay in the city for 1 month and asked Ria to come alone to the hospital for medication daily. after a few days Mark finally confessed his love to Ria. within no time she accepted his confession. They are about to kiss. Ria suddenly turned into a vampire and bited mark at

his neck. Mark shouted aloud that the whole hospital could hear him


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