The murdering of Jack jr

By @jakeman1012

The murdering of Jack jr

By @jakeman1012

A bank robber wants to stop robbing banks and make a living but when the gang he works with finds out he gets in a lot of trouble.

Chapter 1

The murdering of Jack jr

There once was a man named Jack jr. He robbed banks for a living but lived in Washington. He was nice when he was near people he didn’t know or when he was in the bank trying to count cameras and guards and how many people were in the bank orelse he was mean to the people he worked with because he was trying to act tough. He had 8 gold teeth and always had a gun in his pants.

He robbed 23 banks and works for a mean business guy named Mr.Roger. Jack wanted to stop robbing banks and actually make a living like get a wife, and get his own house, But most of all get a real job So he told the Mr. Roger’s that this was his last robbery and he was finished. Roger was not happy and tried to punch Jack in the face but Jack dogged it. TheRoger finally got a grip and said “fine” and let Jack go. The last robbery he had to do was in Las Vegas.Jack and his gang would sneak down through the suiress then Drill a hole into the bottom of the vault but they will need to be exact of where they drill the hole because if they don’t get under the vault the plan could be ruined. The gang included Dirty D, and the Big B.

The ride to Las Vegas was long but fun they rode in a red cherry convertible. They got to Las Vegas around 12:00 they hit some of the bars before the robbery and then ate dinner at the Cafe Dolce. Jack stood up to go to the bathroom but when he walked out of the bathroom he stopped at the corner of the hallway once he heard the other guys at the table saying that they are going to kill Jack once they got back in the car. Once Jack heard that he ran out to the car right past the table Dirty D and Big B were sitting at. When he got to the car he broke the car window and hot wired it in at least 20 seconds. The gang walked right out of the Cafe right as Jack drove away.

Jack rode all the way back to Washington and didn’t go back to his apartment but rented a hotel room for the night knowing that Dirty d and Big B would look for him first at his apartment. Jack fell asleep once he got to the apartment and woke up to a sudden banging at the door. He went over to it and looked through the eye hole and say the gang standing right infront of the door with a angry look on their face. Jack ran to the window and opened it but once he did Dirty D and Big B broke open the door and ran towards Jack. They took out their guns and started to shoot at him. Jack went through the window and ran only for a couple feet and stopped immediately because there was a big gap in between the 2 building. He ran back closer to the window then ran forward as fast as possible and landed on the next building right on his side ripping skin.

Jack then ran over to the latter at the other side of the building roof. Once he stepped foot on the sidewalk he started to run again with the gang behind him.

Jack ran to the car and hopped in it. Once he got in he remembered that he had to know start the car again by hot wiring it.Jack looked behind him and saw his partners only a couple of feet behind him.

He decided not to run and just let them take him so he could die. It’s better than having to hide your whole life. When he turned around he saw one of his partners fist only for a glimpse second before he was knocked out. Jack woke up in a chair all tied up. He moved his hands but they were tied up also. He saw his two partners walking towards him and they said “know it’s time to kill you”.  They put on brass knuckles and started to take punches at Jack. When they stopped Jack spit out blood all from his mouth.

The two partners then grabbed a medal pole and slammed it on Jack’s head he was ded. Jack woke up and was in ****. He saw fire everywhere and skulls on the floor. He also saw in a top of a mountain a big throne with the devil sitting in it. The devil told Jack to come towards him. So Jack did and then stood there for the devil to say something mean or do something scary. But he didnt the devil ‘said welcome to **** and have a wonderful time here”.

Jack said to the devil “Why can’t i go to heaven”

The devil said back “because you have been a bad boy”

Jack lived in **** for the rest of his life. Hating it alot.

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