The Murder of Makenna Taylor

By @prime_priestess
The Murder of Makenna Taylor

This is a short story I wrote for my creative writing class. It's not that good.

Chapter 1


The Rodriguez family was sitting at the dinner table, eating their usual meal of spaghetti with Mrs. Rodriguez’s special sauce, when they got the call.

Mrs. Rodriguez excused herself to go answer it. Sixteen-year-old Hope, disinterested, continued to eat as her mother answered her phone. Suddenly, Mrs. Rodriguez let out a sob.

“Mom? What’s wrong?” Hope called.

Mrs. Rodriguez hung up the phone and came back to the dinner table. She knelt next to her daughter and took her small hand.

“Makenna is dead, sweetheart.” She sniffed.

“Dead? No, she’s not, I saw her yesterday!” Hope frowned.

“Yes, she’s dead. Her mom found her. I’m so sorry baby.” Mrs. Rodriguez wiped her eyes.

Hope began to cry. She hugged her mother. What was she going to do without her best friend?

That was 2 years ago. And ever since that day, Hope was determined to find Makenna’s killer.

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