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The Mirror Girl

By @shamikakirtane

The Mirror Girl

12-year-old Alexa was fast asleep as the sun rose on a Monday morning. Her mom Stephanie, crept into her room and woke Alexa up. “Wake up Alexa,” Stephanie said, as she nudged Alexa to get up.

“Hey Mom,” Alexa asked, “Why are you waking me up early in summer?” “Well actually, it’s your first day in Middle School as a Wildcat in Orlando!”

Alexa jumped out of bed, crashed her glasses on her nose and ran to go get a stool, to do her most favorite thing, that is looking at the mirror. As she brought the stool near her mirror, she could finally see at least her whole face. You see, Alexa was a dwarf, which meant she was very short and she could not grow her height.

She loved to look in the mirror because she thought that her mirror would become magical and would make her tall just like she was meant to be.

“Alexa, come on, it’s your first day and you don’t want to be late.”

At school, everyone was whispering about her and she felt terrible about it. Even in her class, everyone was texting and talking about her.

When she returned home, she broke into a sweat as she texted her best friend, Emma about how she could not fit in her new school. In a second, her friend texted back saying that she needed to chillax and be herself.

Then when she went to look into the mirror, she noticed something strange going on. She saw that the mirror had a little swirl in the middle. As she touched the mirror to see what was going on, she felt different, sort of like she was disappearing. It was true, she had almost vanished.

As she was fading away, she tried to come back into solid earth, but was of no use because she was now falling, “Aaaaaahhh!!” Alexa screamed as she was falling. She tried to hold on to something, but she was just falling on thin air. She landed on water, but instead of sinking, she was floating.

As she got up from water, she met an Elf, that had water flowing down its legs, and when it reached its toes, it evaporated to the back its head.

“What am I doing here??”

“And what am I supposed to do here??”

“Are you some sort of person or thing that is supposed to help me??”

The Elf replied, “First of all, I am not a thing. I am a ‘She’

And two, you are the Chosen One to help the Iceland to fight the Fire Realm in the Fire and Ice War”.

Any more questions??

Alexa was super confused and started asking a bunch of questions at once.

 “What does the Chosen One mean??”

“What is the Iceland??”

“And What is the War you are talking about and how am I involved in all this??”

“Woah Woah Woah!! Not so many questions at once.

Just one at a time. To answer your first question, The Chosen One, means that You support the Iceland in fighting the Fire Realm.

To answer your second question, Iceland is a place that runs fully on ice, that means that everyone in this land has Ice Powers and if they have Fire Powers, that means they are not part of Iceland, but they are part of the Fire Realm. To answer your last and most important question, the Fire and Ice War is the biggest battle between the Iceland and Fire Realm. You my dear, are involved because you have to get the

“Ice-cicle”, which is the most powerful Wand in the History of Iceland, which is used only for special battles, and is located in the highest peak of Iceland which is called the “Frozeira”.

Alexa asks “Why am I the Chosen One?” “That, Alexa,” the Elf says, “is for me to know and for you to find out.” The Elf gives Alexa a bag full of food, water and a special weapon. “Keep this for your journey, it will be very useful.”

In a day, Alexa starts her journey, happy that she has something to worry about other than her height.

In a few weeks, she was in the middle of the Frozeira. When she got there though, there were Snowsters all around her.

She tried to throw some apples on her, but that didn’t work because it just went right through them and since she was short, she couldn’t reach their faces. So she got an idea, she got out her secret weapon, just to find out that it was a Magic Mirror.

“Perfect,” Alexa said to herself and looked at the mirror. She tried her hardest to make herself the one she had always imagined she wanted to be – Tall.

She grew until she was only a few inches shorter than the Snowsters. But on her Mirror, she saw a picture of a dwarf on the other side of the World, he was happy with the shortness of himself because whenever there were small places and people’s stuff were in there, he would get it out for them. People used to tease him and call him names, but he didn’t care.

Alexa saw a few more pictures and realized that being so short is not so bad after all. She asked her mirror to make herself small again and it struck her that why she was the Chosen One, because the Iceland wanted her to know that no matter how you look on the outside, only the inside matters.

Alexa fought the Snowsters, even though she was so short. She reached the top of Frozeira and got the Icecicle.

She marched back the way she came and reached the Elf’s house.

“ Did you complete the jobs??” The Elf asked.

“Yes, I got the Ice-cicle and I also found out why I was the Chosen One.”

“And why were you?” the Elf asked.

“Because, the Iceland wanted me to know that no matter how you look on the inside, only the inside matters.” Alexa replied.

“Exactly!, now help me fight this war!”

The Iceland won the battle against the Fire Realm and Alexa promised she would visit again.

No matter how much she was teased, Alexa didn’t care because she knew that she was awesome just the way she was.

                                          The End

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