The Miraculous Journey of Carl the Caterpillar

By @maddie2ere
The Miraculous Journey of Carl the Caterpillar

What happens when a caterpillar loses his home? circa 2011

Chapter 1

You are a caterpillar. You have short little legs that let you hang upside down. It’s fun. You live next to the park at the bottom of a hill. There used to be a tree that you lived in nearby. It was struck by lightning, and some strange men came and took it away. You almost got stepped on! There’s no more trees in the area. You would have to cross the park to find a new home!

That was a scary looking trip. There would be inconsiderate little children who will want to pick you up and take you home to their sticky little bedrooms. They would name you something stupid like Mr. Fluffy-Caterpillar-Guy-Thing. You would try to tell them that your real name is Carl. You sigh and look up at the mountainous hill. What if you die on this trip?

You watch your little feet as you begin ascending the hill. All of your belongings that survived are in a bag tied to your back. The bright green grass is shorter than it was the last time you ventured away from your tree. Maybe the nice man with the big straw hat came again. He always made sure that you were out of the way when he brought his pet to eat the grass. There was always something for you to munch on afterwards!

You were barely a few feet up the hill, but the sun was already high up in the sky. You look up. The sky is bright and beautiful.

“What a lovely day to travel!” you say to yourself. The sun isn’t close to the ground, but you’re still grateful for the shade from the grass.

Soon, you begin to hear voices. Shouts of glee and seemingly random shouting. The playground must be close by. Already you can see where humans had worn paths into the ground. You stay away from those. They could increase the chances of being stepped on.

The ground was beginning to level out now and you can see an enormous log looming up in the distance. A young human child was sitting on it, drawing with a stick. He looks lonely, and he keeps glancing back at the other children and their families playing on the park equipment. Your eyes widen in fear as the little boy’s eyes drift down in your direction. He smiled and bends down to pick you off the ground.

His fingers are filthy! They’re also squeezing you much too tightly. You try to squirm out of the child’s grasp. He finally releases you, and you fall into the grubby palm of his other hand. You close your eyes tightly. Maybe that will make this nightmare go away.

You can hear him talking quietly to you in human-speak. The fact that you can’t reply doesn’t discourage him; however, and you can feel yourself moving across the playground. The boy’s footsteps sound like trees falling, and you can see the ground speeding by through the cracks in his fingers. You want to throw up, but you feel like this will make the boy angry enough to step on you.

The child stops all of a sudden, making you fall over. He tips his hand over, and you scuttle across his dirt-covered hand and on to a… leaf! This human had taken you safely across the playground!

“Thank you!” you shout, waving your front legs up at him. The human laughs and runs back to join his peers on the park equipment.

“Wow,” you say, looking around at the bush you are now standing in. “So I guess this is my new home.”

You take a big bite out of the closest leaf to mark this as your new territory.

The End!

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