The Miracles of Everywhere

By @Addi_Groce13

The Miracles of Everywhere

By @Addi_Groce13

The last thing Jen needs now is anything new. Her dad recently married and she finally has her life under control. Lorleah wouldn't leave her home if someone paid her. The young girl already has a flourishing career as a politician and loving parents. But mistakes happen... don't they?

Chapter 9

9: Lorleah

“I could never be a sailor.” I stated, my feet dangling over the front of the boat. I was tanning on the front of the boat in Jen’s bathing suit.

“I agree. This is boring as heck.” Jen responded, adjusting the boat again. She looked half asleep.

We had been on the boat for several hours at this point and the sun was nearing the horizon, reflecting off the water and casting a delicate golden glow across the boat. The water was definitely rougher here, the occasional wave pitching the boat violently to one side and causing the bags to slide across the boat.

I sat up and spun to face Jen, who was concentrating on the now darker horizon. I was starting to realize that there were lots of levels to Jen. This was the one I was used to. Concentrating, protecting, and a tiny bit nervous. She had a tiny line of concentration between her eyes that added a couple years to her age.

“My mom isn’t going to remember me.” I finally stated. A gentle breeze pulled some hair into my face and Jen turned to look at me.

“How do you know?” Her face was soft, but I could tell she was tired of the memory loss business. I guess I never really thought that Jen was normal before I came around. I felt responsible for that.

“I just. I know. I think we are going to my island. That women wouldn’t send us out to find something of mine… would she?” Jen didn’t respond. She watched the horizon quietly, perhaps looking for the outline of a nonexistent island. Perhaps hoping she would see the boardwalk where she had first found me. Perhaps she hoped that if she ignored me, I would disappear. I wasn’t sure.

I turned back around and leaned back, watching the stars. I heard Jen sigh and the ocean waves sigh along with her. It would be perfect if I was normal. Jen never told me what normal meant. What it meant in her world.

“What would you be doing right now?” I asked before I could stop myself, “If I had never shown up?”

“I would be wondering about why my LA teacher gave us an essay to do over the break. Why do you ask?”

“I don’t know.”

“Oh.” Jen sighed again, like she felt the weight of the words. I wondered what would happen if we ever did get to my island. Would she stay with me? I doubted that.


I didn’t know I had fallen asleep until I was jolted awake by the boat hitting something large. A small beeping came from near were Jen was sitting. I panicked for a moment, seeing her passed out across the dash.

“Jen!” I shouted, rolling from my perch and shaking her shoulder. She immediately snapped awake, wrapping her hands around the wheel of the boat.

“Not falling asleep!” She shouted at no one in particular.

“Jen!” I shouted again, making sure she was awake, “We are here!”

“Here?” She gurgled groggily. I nodded and we both looked around. The boat had washed up onto the shore of the island. Luckily the part where nobody lived.

That’s when I heard the whiz of something being shot and Jen yelped in surprise. A small black marble had smacked her in the neck, doing no real damage except a small, fingertip sized dot. I pulled her down as the wizzing became louder and more persistent.

Suddenly, the sound of footsteps on metal caused our heads to raise. We both stared at the man standing on the edge of the boat, small gun pointed at our heads. I looked down, only making the top of my head visible.

“Outsiders, please state your name and origin.” He snapped coldly, the gun glinting in the early morning sun.

“Jennifer Clairice Clyde of the US.” Jen tried to be as vague as possible. My heart practically burst out of my chest as I watched the man turn the gun to me. I held my breath and closed my eyes.

“Lorleah Zea of the Rainbow Isles.” Only then did she turn up her face and I saw mans stoney face crumple in confusion. He resumed it quickly and clicked the safety off his gun.

“Liar.” He stated, pointing the gun at my head. I felt like I was shaking so hard the boat was vibrating under me. Not now. I can’t die now, I thought. I have to change the world. My home.

“My parents lived on this island and they would have died on this island if my mother had the chance. You sentenced me to death, sending me out into the ocean, thinking I would never be heard from again. You didn’t tell anyone what happened to me. Everyone on this island thinks my father murdered us before killing himself. That’s what you told them. I know that. That seems to happen a lot… doesn’t it?” I was now standing at my full height which was still about a foot shorter than the man. Jen gave me a radiant grin.

“Fine…” The man clicked the safety back on his weapon.

“Thank you sir.”

“Get the other one back to her family.” He finished, poking at Lorleah’s weakness.

“No!” I shouted at the same time Jen did. I quickly felt a small prick in my neck and with all the movies I had watched with my sister Jen, I knew I wouldn’t see her when I woke up. I think she knew too, because when I collapsed next to her, she looked at me.

“Love you, Miracle.” She said, “I’ll never regret finding you.” I think the best part was I didn’t see her cry when I left. She was proud of me. I mustered a smile but felt a tear fall down my cheek. She quickly wiped it away.

“Love you too.” I stated, my vision blurring on the edges. I think that was what got her. She stared at me and I smiled. I fell to the side and the last thing I saw was Jen, her face pillowed in her red hair, her smile brighter than the sun that she and I had our entire relationship under.

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