The Master Of Life (Unfinished Copy Chapters Prologue-1)

By @KarmaTheWriter

The Master Of Life (Unfinished Copy Chapters Prologue-1)

By @KarmaTheWriter

Leo Vita is a 15 year old teenager who never knew his dad but was the closest person to his Mom possible. Then one night he wakes up to the sound of breaking glass. He then witnesses the murder of his mother and is stabbed. He wakes up five days later on the day before his birthday which is August 1st. He was given a necklace, bandana, and knife for his 7th birthday and has been training in combat every day since then. Little does he know his life is going to get real crazy.

Chapter 1


MY NAME IS Leonardo Vita or just Leo. My mom was murdered five days ago and I was stabbed in the gut and passed out from blood loss. I just woke up in a police interrogation room two minutes ago, enough time to check my watch for the time and date. It is now 11:09 a.m., July 31, 2020 the day before my birthday. I check my surroundings and realize there is a man in a black suit and tie sitting in front of me.


 “Hey,” I say as I realize that I am hand-cuffed to the table between us. “Un-cuff me, what did I do?”


“You are not being un-cuffed until you answer my questions,” he says, with a glare. “As for what you did; we don’t know. We found you with a knife wound in your stomach and your mother stabbed to death we have a few questions”


“I am not answering any questions right now,” I respond a plan forming in my head as my mother taught me to, whenever you are in a tight spot. “I want to go to my apartment first. If you take me there, I will answer any questions you can ask me for 24 hours afterward. I am a man of my word.” I see him considering the deal.

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