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The Masked Avenger

By @Venki

Truth to be Told(2)

‘Find Engine three, I’ll meet you both there’, Tony said while entering into his room to suit up. On the way, Diana tried to connect to Natasha. Nat! Nat! Are you okay?’ after a few seconds Natasha’s voice came in, ‘Yeah! I’m okay’.Diana noticed a slight shiver in her voice. Diana called her, Natasha! only to hear a beeping sound at the other end. Diana sighed and turned to see Captain catching up with her.’ ‘Where is she?’ Steve questioned looking at Diana’s distress.’ Alive, that’s all I know’ Diana worried.

‘Let’s go find that Engine 3 ,Captain’ Diana stated while an animalistic roar filled the helicarrier. ‘Banner’ Diana muttered her eyes widening. Both of them glanced back, slowing their pace.

‘She’ll be okay, Come on we have an engine to fix’ Steve assured dragging Diana towards the engine.’ She better be’ Diana mumbled following Captain.

Steve with his strength pulled the door. Diana surveyed the surrounding which was filled with bodies of agents who were close to it.’ Barton’s gonna die of guilt’ Diana thought. Diana and Steve stepped into the open space. Diana’s eyes scanned the damage. A large chunk of the port side if turn off. Steve pointed to the hole beside a metal blade which stopped moving emitting sparks due to friction.

‘We’re here, Stark’ Diana stated while jumping towards the panel grabbing the raft. Steve joined after her.’ Good’ Tony replied shortly.’ We must act fast Stark, everyone’s depending on us’ Diana stressed.’ I know, Let’s see what we got’ Tony replied while flying closer to the damaged engine.

‘Is someone there, How’s the situation inside…Is someone there to tame the Hulk. Who’s near that area’Diana queried.No one answered which irritated Diana. She ran her hands through her hair in frustration.’ Relax! Thor is inside. He’ll handle it. Now focus on this problem.’ Steve reassured. Diana nodded and looked towards Tony.’ Did you find out what’s wrong? ‘Diana asked.

‘ I gotta get this superconducting cooling system back online before I can access the rotors and work on dislodging the debris.’ Tony answered.

‘We’re are at the control panel. Tell us what to do.’ Steve inquired.

‘Tell me which relays are in overload position.’ Tony said impressed.’ Well, Miss Flame it would be a great help if you could fly, you know? ‘ Tony mused.

‘You wouldn’t want that, Mr.Stark’Diana hissed.’ If you once again call me that, you’ll be dead’ Diana threatened. Steve chuckled.’ You can continue laughing if you have a death wish, Rogers’.Diana narrowed her eyes.’ Well, the name suits you, Winters’ Steve said with a beat while looking confused at the panel. Diana’s lips twitched up at that comment.

‘Sorry for interrupting your chit-chat, but we have a falling helicarrier over here. What’s it look like?’ Tony asked with irritation.

‘ It seems to run on some form of electricity.’ Steve said completely lost. Diana chuckled while Tony replied, ‘Well,you’re not wrong’.Steve looked at her confused, ‘I am not going to get my hands dirty’ Diana stated while raising her hands. Steve sighed.’Don’t worry, I’ll cover you’ Diana said. Steve nodded at her and turned to look at the panel..Tony flies into the cooling system and blasts broken debris of the turbine engine. Diana quipped,’ Need some firepower there, Mr.Stark’.

‘Is that humour I sense in your sentence, Miss Flame’Tony retorted.’Not at all, Mr.Tin.I am just trying to reply’ Diana said gritting her teeth.

‘Well, you can, if you can first of all fly, Miss Flame’ Tony retorted. Diana sighed.

‘Stop, bickering and focus!’ Steve commanded while connecting all the wires. Diana asked,’ The relays are intact. What’s our next move?’

‘Even if I clear the rotors, this thing won’t re-engage without a jump. I’m gonna have to get in there and push.’ Tony announced.

‘Well if that thing gets up to speed, you’ll get shredded!’ Steve exclaimed.

‘You’re crazy!’ Diana stated. Though she loathed Tony she didn’t want another death added into the list.’ Is there a way we could pull you back before you crush?’ Diana asked.

‘Then stay in the control unit and reverse polarity long enough disengage mag…’ Tony went on rambling. Diana sighed turning towards the lever on the control unit.

‘Speak English’ Steve interjected. Diana tapped his shoulder and pointed to the lever on the other side of the motor.’ We got it’ Diana said.

‘It’ll slow the rotors down long enough for me to get out. Stand by it, wait for my word.’ Tony concluded.

‘You go, I’ll wait here and cover you.’ Diana said looking down. Diana shuddered internally. She could do the jump but her fear for the height refrained her from doing so. Steve studied her for a second and agreed with her. He looks at the lever once again and jumps towards it.

‘You can’t catch me’ A voice came. Diana looked around only to find an empty hallway. Diana recognised Loki’s voice. She stood there confused at why he’s talking to her. While Diana stood there lost in her thoughts Tony cuts a big piece of metal and jumps on it relieving the motors.

Diana comes to reality by the sound of footsteps. She looked to see men approaching them for help. They proved her wrong when they threw a grenade towards her. Steve jumped back beside Diana. Diana protected both of them from the grenade by her force field

The captain jumps to the other railing and down with Barton’s men. He begins to take them down, even goes as far as throwing one out. Diana fights using her sword as they are still agents in Loki’s spell. Steve takes one of the rifles and starts shooting at them, Diana lunges to the agent who was ready to stab Captain from the back. Diana looked up at Steve only to see more men coming in.

‘Argh! Why do they keeping coming?’ Diana said with annoyance and started attacking them. Diana could sense that they are losing altitude.’ Tony, Faster!’ Diana yelled while kicking an agent.

‘I am’ Tony retorted. Natasha’s voice chirps in,’ Diana! Diana! I found Barton”.

Diana stopped.’ What?’ Diana asked 

‘I am going after him’.Natasha replied and ended her line. Taking this as his chance an agent kicked her. Due to sudden impact Diana stammered and slipped off the railing. Steve turns to see Diana holding onto a loose cable.

‘Hang in there, I’m coming’ Steve panicked.’Don’t look down’ he ordered. Diana wanted to murder Steve now, unfortunately, it was the other way around. Diana found her slipping from the cable.

‘I can’t hold it anymore, Rogers’ Diana shouted. Steve heard that. He was about to turn but got kicked by an agent. He fell with a thud.

‘I got you covered ‘ Diana said as her hand left the cable.

‘Diana!…….’ Steve shouted stretching his arms but she had already gone far away from him. Steve hung his head in defeat.

‘Cap! I need the lever’ Tony shouts.

‘Diana’s gone..’ Steve lamented.

A/N: I know this is really a small chapter. I can’t help it. This was supposed to be with the previous chapter. Somewhat it got erased.

Is Diana dead? What happens to the others now?.

Wait for the next chapter to know about. Hope you guys love it. Please bear with grammatical errors.

Yours lovingly,


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