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The Masked Avenger

By @Venki


Once they landed, Coulson led the way out. They were welcomed by a woman with red hair. Seeing the redhead, Diana’s lips twitched. She thought of the countless missions and training brought them close together. Coulson greeted her and turned towards Captain saying”, Meet Agent Romanoff.”

‘Ma’am’ he greeted politely, nodding at the Agent. She smiled and turned towards her friend. They both hugged and embraced each other after a long time.

“I didn’t know you were joining,” said Romanoff.

“No, I didn’t. I came here for Barton” Diana said looking at her. They both shared a silent look of their loss. Romanoff turned towards Coulson informing that his presence is needed immediately. He then left the trio and walked inside. As they walked the redhead started talking to the Captain, “It was quite the buzz around when we found you in ice? I thought Coulson was gonna swoon. Has he asked you to sign his trading cards” she asked.

Captain Rogers stared at her, “Trading cards? he asked looking at the two women standing with him. Diana grinned.’They are vintage, he is very proud” answered Diana. Romanoff nodded at her. They walked and came to the runway to see a nervous looking man standing there. Romanoff motioned them to him. Diana greeted him first,’Pleasure meeting you Dr.Banner”. He smiled at her and shook her hands,’ Me too, miss…’he looked for her name.’Winters…Diana Winters’.he nodded.

Steve stepped up behind her holding out his hands and greeted him, ‘Dr. Banner” He glanced at him and shook his hands.’Hi. They said you would be coming”

‘Word is that you can find the cube’

Diana smiled while Dr.Banner glanced at him and said ‘Is that the only word on me?’he asked looking nervous.

‘The only word I care about”said Steve.The latter nodded.

Diana looked at the sky before her while Romanoff touched her earpiece for information leaving the men to talk. 

Natasha suddenly chimed in, “Gentlemen you have to step inside in a minute”.It’s going to get a little hard to breathe”.Both of them glanced up as they heard the sound of motors and ship as it moved.Dr.Banner looked around with wide eyes. Is this a submarine? asked Steve moving towards the source of the sound.”Really, They wanted to trap me in a metal container? Banner said turning towards the red-haired woman who brought him here. Natasha returned an amused look while Diana gave him a pitiful gaze. Steve looked completely lost. Seeing the Captain, a smile made its way into Diana’s lips. All four came inside the carrier to know more about the mission ahead of them

Captain looked amazed seeing the ship vanishing in the sky like thin air. Diana looked around and walked toward the conference table. Fury joined them at the table greeting ‘Gentlemen” but Steve looked around curiously giving him the money that he had lost in the bet.

Steve came near Diana and whispered,’Are we invisible to the radar too?. She nodded and continued,’They have jammers for avoiding the passing of signals?

“Why do you keep referring they?” he asked as his curiosity about the beautiful mysterious woman increased.

“Because I don’t work for them..not anymore,” she said as she controlled her from being harsh. He nodded and left her side without asking a further question for which she was glad.

Fury who conversed with Banner then suddenly asked Coulson,’Where were you with that?’

‘We’re sweeping every wirelessly accessible camera on the planet. Laptops, cellphones explained Coulson.

Diana saw her friend sat near a computer and looking at Clint’s face. As she saw this she headed towards her. Seeing that her friend is coming to her Natasha stood from her position.

‘What happened to him? He is not the one to be easily captured’ Diana said with a sad tone.

“I was not there. He was guarding the tesserect. It is said a mysterious God came there to take it and possessed him.”

Diana nodded processing the information.’Any leads?’

“So far nothing. But he must now definitely helping our enemy without knowing’ as these words left Natasha’s mouth angered flared Diana’s body. She clenched her fist controlling her anger.

Seeing this her friend pressed her shoulder, “We will find him”.Diana relaxed at her words.

At the same time, Dr.Banner instructed everyone to connect every lab to put their spectrometers on the roofs for catching them. “Do you have somewhere for me to work?” asked Banner removing his jacket. Fury called”Romanoff, would you show Dr.Banner his laboratory please.”

Natasha walked over leading the way saying”You’re gonna love it Doc, we’ve got all toys”.Banner nodded following her.

Diana felt a tap in her shoulder and turned her head to see Maria Hill smiling lightly at her. She returned it with a side hug.’Good to see you back” said the older agent. Diana nodded not knowing how to respond as her mind is clouded with the thoughts to rescue Barton. The latter returned to her duty. While she walked towards the Director.

“You didn’t change much here, do you?” asked Diana in curiosity

“Not at all, But a slight upgrade has done”.She nodded and walked over to the computer having Clint’s face.

“I am really happy to have you back, “said Fury as she walked away from him. She stood for a second glancing at him and continued her way. As she was about to ask Hill for a computer her phone rang. She smiled looking at the caller. Steve was observing her moves from where he was standing. He found her intriguing at the same time mysterious. He doesn’t know whether to trust her or not. She was definitely not like other women he thought.

Diana swiped her hands toward the green button.

“Diana!Diana!” a voice shouted at the opposite side. She chuckled at Martha scolding him for shouting. After a second his voice was replaced with her mother.

“Diana, Are you ok? Did you get there safely? Why didn’t you wake me up before leaving?” Martha bombarded her with questions.

“Jesus! Breathe Martha…First of all sorry for writing a note rather telling you. I got a call and I was needed immediately as it was important. Don’t worry about me. Did he ate his breakfast?

“Yes,he did.But..why Nick came there?Is it something to do with….”

‘Yes,” Diana interrupted before she can complete the sentence. There was silence on the other end of the line. Diana sighed.

“Where are you guys?” asked Diana changing the topic.

“We are the airport to catch a flight to India. Why did you tell us to leave? Is it something serious?”

“I don’t know. But I got a bad feeling about it. Call me or leave a message when you reach home.”

“I will, but this brat is pestering me to let him talk to you, I can’t handle this as he is growing more notorious. Talk to him first. Here Alex…your mother is on the line.”

“Diana, Diana…Where are you?” Diana laughed at her son’s voice.

“Easy there tiger. I am in NY.

“Okay…Martha is not allowing me to do anything” Alex said whining.

Diana laughed at his antics.”Don’t burden Martha as she is becoming old. Behave properly kiddo. Could you do that for your mother?”

“Sure Diana…Be back soon. I miss you.”

“Me too, Darling. Bye” she said and switched off her phone. When she turned she saw Maria and Natasha’s face held surprise while Steve, Coulson and Fury smiled at her. She cleared her throat and gave an assuring nod to Nat and Hill that she will explain later about this.

Then suddenly Agent Sitwell called sharply”We got a hit. Sixty-seven per cent match. Weight, cross match Seventy-nine per cent”.

Diana moved closer” Location? asking Sitwell. He continued’ Stuttgart, Germany.28, Konigstrasse He’s not exactly hiding’ showing the rest the picture of Loki dressed for the museum’s gala event.

“Captain, Winters” called Fury as they looked at him. He said,’ you’re both up”.Both nodded at him and walked towards their room to get ready for their mission. As Diana entered the special room, she came face to face with her Fighting costume hanging on the wall before her.


She got ready in her suit within minutes checking whether she got all her daggers, darts, short knife everything in place. Perfectly braiding her hair which came up to her hip so that it will be comfortable in fighting. She was hesitant to open the door and go out. Because she knew once she opened the door and stepped out in this dress there is no going back. She didn’t care before but now she has a boy and an old woman who was waiting for her to return in a single piece. But she can’t go away now as it would be ungrateful for the man who helped her during her rough times. She had to fight for him. She looked at the picture of Alex and Martha who was smiling happily with her. Martha and her bending slightly with Alex in the middle who had put his hands on their shoulder bringing them down his level. The background was perfect with snowing and the place covered with it. She embraced the picture and kissed it lastly before stepping out of her room.

Once she started walking towards the quinjet all the agent’s eyes were on her both men and women happily at the former agent who was back in her action. She ignored it and walked confidently towards the quinjet where Natasha stood dressed ready for combat if necessary. She greeted her with a smirk.

“You know how Hot you look in this dress? said Nat with a teasing smile. Diana rolled her eyes but cracked a smile at her. She was pleased that her friend was back to herself as the loss of Clint is more hurtful to Nat than her. He was the one who gave the chance to be herself from becoming a monster.

“If we can find Loki, we can find Barton ?” She said to her friend which came out more like a question.

“I think so’ answered Natasha while placing a hand on her shoulder. Soon they were interrupted by the voice of the Captain.

“Who is this?” asked Steve looking puzzled at Natasha. Diana smiled at her friend who shared the playful look with her and turned to the man behind her.

“You are not the only one who can dress in bright colours,” said Diana in a playful tone. Steve’s eyes held more amusement and surprise in eyes. Diana also enjoyed surprising him.

“Miss. Winters,I thought you were an agent like the others”.

‘No, I am not’ she said with a smile.

“She was way more than the others “Natasha completed the answer for her friend. Steve nodded at that. He was controlling himself from checking her out. This woman is surely something he thought.

‘Let’s move out’ he said firmly while boarding the plane with the mysterious woman next to him. Natasha sat on the pilot’s seat and took off the plane which surprised him more. Women have become powerful he thought and smiled. The ride was silent only glances were shared between the two persons in the plane: Steve and Diana.


The tension in the air was increasing rapidly as they entered the enemy’s territory.”There” Diana pointed out to the figure dressed in green clothing and helmet standing with a sceptre in his hands while the people kneeled before him. Diana smiled at the old man who was standing before the Norse God bravely. The conversation between them can be heard by them. Diana called out Natasha while walking to the opening of the plane”Drop me off Natasha, Time to catch the thief”

Natasha nodded at her .”Get ready to drop” said Natasha opening the door. Steve joined her. Both jumped at a place not too far away from the museum. Steve got ready to act but Diana stopped him to wait for the time. She made her way silently to the other end where she stood at a right angle from Loki. As he holds his sceptre to attack the old man, she nodded at Steve hinting to act. Before the energy hit the old man Steve jumped in front of him holding the shield which hit Loki making him fall down. Steve walked towards him saying”You know, last time I was in Germany and saw a man standing above everyone else..we ended up disagreeing” Loki stood up calling him”The soldier”panting heavily due to the fall.”The man out of time”.

Steve walked towards him saying”I’m not the one who is out of time”.As he got near Natasha brought the quinjet above them ordering”Loki, drop the weapon and stand down”.Loki attacked the jet but Natasha moved which hit the building behind. Steve attacked him with his shield while Diana emerged from her spot lunging at the God. Loki didn’t except this as he stumbled back. Diana took advantage of this and used her sword. The sceptre and the sword clashed making a sound throwing them on the ground. Steve punched him in the face. They both fought while Diana helped the civilians to move out. When she turned around she saw Steve was lying on the floor without his shield. He fought with God with hands. As Steve was thrown by Loki, Diana swings the sword fighting but soon she was on the ground. Loki turned towards Captain who was trying to stand. Loki pressed his sceptre at Steve’s head ordering him to kneel. Rogers replied, “Not today” and attacked him.

Diana stood from her place and joined him. She used her dagger to fight as her sword laid few feet away. She felt she was getting tired. She can’t lose this fight. It is the only way to find Clint. Her thoughts were cut off by ‘Shoot to thrill”playing loudly from the jet. Her confusion was soon cleared by the upcoming figure.”Iron Man”.Everyone looked puzzled. Diana shook her head at the action of the billionaire. Before landing, Iron man fired at Loki causing him to land on the ground. Stark stood in attack mode”Make your move, Reindeer games’ while Diana and Steve joined him. Loki put his hands above in surrender. Steve while placing his gaze on Loki said”Mr.Stark’. 

Stark replied “Captain”.Diana noticed the tension between them. Suddenly she remembered that Steve was a friend of Howard Stark, Tony’s father. She looked between them with a smirk thinking that it’s gonna be a bumpy ride. She sighed walking towards the quinjet which landed just a few seconds ago. The men looked back with curious to know about the mystery women walking towards the plane.


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