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The Mask That Hides

By @Grallingbo

Halloween used to be his favorite holiday.

Halloween was a time where he could really feel comfortable in his own skin without worrying about what other people may think about it.

Halloween was when he could finally be himself without having to hide behind a fake persona that everyone else seemed to adore.

But, Halloween was where everyone thought his real personality was fake.

For too long, Oakley has kept up this facade due to his insecurities. Ever since that first instance in which he was shunned for behaving too wild and immature for his age, he decided to change himself.

People spoke, and Oakley listened.

He thought he was changing himself for the better. Unaware of how much of an unhealthy practice this was, he kept doing it. More and more, he started to feel happier as people around him began to notice the changes. They noticed, and they responded positively–Oakley thought–by supporting him in his journey of change. This journey of self-destruction that Oakley stayed ignorant to.

Even with so many people around him, even with plenty of friends by his side, Oakley never felt truly loved.

For a long time, Halloween used to be his favorite holiday. For a long time, Halloween was his only friend. Until it wasn’t.

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