The Marauders: Upto no good

By @yukti29
The Marauders: Upto no good

The Marauders begin their fifth year at Hogwarts with the plan to make it pass by as ordinarily as possible with piles of homework, boring classes, wretched love lives and the upcoming O.W.L.'s. But the fear of the Dark Lord terrifies all.

Inspired by: Harry Potter

Chapter 1

1. A visit by the Black's

The King Cross station saw a larger number of crowd today than it did the rest of the year. All around, strange looking people in long cloaks and tall pointy hats with children who carried huge trunks and owl cages seem to be running around. The Station Master looked at these people filled with both confusion and amusement. Who kept owls as pet? And who wore cloaks like those in this era? He thought that either these people were part of some sort of a cult or they were mad to even step out of their houses looking like that.

As the minute hand neared the end of the tenth hour, the odd looking people seemed to have completely disappeared and only a few of them could still be seen lurking around.

James Potter was also one of the children who were hauling a large trunk and carried an owl cage. But James also carried a large broomstick. It wasn’t an ordinary broom which could clean the house, but a magical one and probably the most prized possession of James Potter. James was running down the platform 9 while pushing his trolley as the clock ticked signifying 15 minutes to 11 o’clock. He was being followed by a very handsome looking man who, even though looked older than the rest of the male population around him, had mesmerizing features. James’ father, Fleamont Potter wore a royal blue cloak and held the hand of the woman strutting beside him.

Euphemia was currently struggling to keep up the pace at which his fifteen year son ran towards the platform. Her husband would occasionally glance at her and smile and she would gather her robes and quickened her pace. Usually when they came to the platform to bid James off to his school, they would leave early and arrive at the platform nine and three quarters well in time. But today, some unexpected guests had stirred her whole family and by the time they recovered from their untimely visit, the family was late for the station.

In the morning, Fleamont sat in the patio reading the Daily Prophet and Euphemia was gladly making pancakes when her two boys came running down chasing each other. She placed the breakfast in front of them and went about her daily chores and all was normal. Until, there was a firm knock on the door, and Euphemia opened the door to the two people she regretted seeing.

Orion and Walburga Black stood in front of her, their signature frown plastered across their faces. She could feel James getting up behind her and shifting to go stand beside Sirius who was frozen in his spot, too scared to even bother to get up.

“I presume you know very well why we are here, Asmeralda.” Walburga spoke with a sneer in her voice.

Nobody addressed Euphemia with that name anymore. Euphemia Asmeralda Rosier, as she was called in her time at Hogwarts, was a proud Slytherin student and Walburga’s best friend. But their relationship had nothing to do with mutual liking, rather it was quite forced upon them since birth, being first cousins.

“Sirius wants nothing to do with you, Walburga. And I would prefer if you leave this house right away.” Euphemia managed to say through gritted teeth.

“You see, no matter what you think of yourself, he is still my son. And so it is very much my concern as to what he does and how he disgraces the family. Not something you wouldn’t understand, after all you did marry into the family of blood traitors.”

“Well, it’s nice to see you too cousins.” Fleamont said coming into sight, his wand clutched in his hand, even though his voice continued to mock them.

“We are no cousins, Fleamont. Your uncle and Walburga’s aunt made sure of that. And we are not here on a family reunion. We are here to talk to Sirius.” Orion spoke up after being silent all this while.

“But I am sure he doesn’t want to talk to either of you. Wasn’t that made obvious when he left the Grimauld place?” Fleamont answered.

As the parents stood bickering at the front door, the usually calm Sirius trembled in his seat. He knew when he left Grimauld place that his parents didn’t even care enough about him so as to whether he lives or dies. And so they would be more than glad if he left the house and rid them of his traitorous presence. And they, in fact, were. He left the house one night with James and his father and came to live with the Potters. And it has been a year since, and never did his parents write to him or tried to find him. Regulus, who Sirius met at school, told him that his parents behaved as if they didn’t notice that their eldest son wasn’t in the house and had left them. His mother had blasted him off the family tree soon after, and that day Sirius received his first ever mail from his mother in four years of school, containing burnt pieces of his face from the family tree. That night Sirius Black had cried for the first time ever since he came to Hogwarts. Even when the whole family had abandoned him when he was sorted into Gryffindor, didn’t hurt as much as it did, when he knew he would never be setting foot in his house ever again and see his family.

But now, they were here. And it scared him as to what it was that made Orion and Walburga Black come to seek him. He stepped in front of James and walked up to the front door, but never leaving Fleamont’s side. Sirius could feel the piercing daggers her mother sent towards him through her state and decided it would be better and safe for both him and the Potters if he gave his parents what they wanted.

“Mrs. Potter, it’s fine. I will speak with them.” He muttered quitely.

“No, you won’t. Sirius, you are safe here and you don’t have to be scared of them.” Mrs. Potter jumped up to his defence at once.

“If he approves, who are you to stop him, Asmeralda?” Walburga barked viciously from where she stood. Sirius saw Mrs. Potter flinch, first at the way his mother said ‘you’ and then at the mention of her old name. Sirius knew to Mrs. Potter he was no less than James and to be pointed out that he wasn’t actually her son must have hurt her when she gave him so much love and care.

“I am ready to talk.” Sirius said much more confidently this time.

“Ofcourse you are. Get your trunk and meet us at the cross section at the end of the road.” Walburga commanded and out of habit, Sirius impetuously replied, “Yes, mother.”

He saw his mother smirk and then she turned around and walked away with his father.

“You don’t have to go Sirius, honey. You will be fine here. We will protect you from her.” Mrs. Potter assured him soothingly. But Sirius knew it has to be something tremendously important for his parents to go out of their way to come here.

“It’s okay, Mrs. P. I will be alright.” He then went up to his room and dragged down the trunk and the owl that the Potters had given him as his birthday present, last year. It was a pretty impressive snowy white owl with big grey eyes much like his own. And all I got for presents from my parents was cruciatus curse and horrendous dark magic objects, Sirius thought to himself.

Fleamont helped him drag the trunk to the gate from where he took it and bid bye to James, who still looked unconvinced that it was really important for Sirius to go.

“I will see you at the station I guess then. Don’t forget to pack your snitch knickers, Prongs. We don’t want Remus or Peter to miss them.” Sirius smirked at James, but then remembering his mother do exactly the same thing, he stopped abruptly. He didn’t want anything in or about him to be like them.

“Bye, Padfoot.” James said, and then stepping closer to him, he whispered, “and keep the mirror close to you, incase they torture you again.”

“I will.”

With that Sirius took a deep breath and turned to walk away to his parents.

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