The Maiden in Black

By @Sasha1818
The Maiden in Black

Heather wants more than just going to Supmora School of sorcery. She wants to explore the world beyond the gates. But her dad won't let her do so. She has to attend Supmora according to her dad and the so-called laws. She attends the school to find some friends and some really bad enemies. But something is off. The king and the queen are hiding something horrible...Read the story to find out how Heather will uncover the truth

Chapter 1

The Gates

Author’s note: Hello everyone! This is my very first book. So please ignore any type of delay or mistake. Don’t forget to leave reviews or suggestions or advice related to my story. So here goes chapter 1.

Chapter1: The Gates

“I want to go beyond the gates” I yelled. “No, Heather” my dad replied warily.”The King and the queen are hiding something” and that’s when I knew, I had crossed the line.

“The king and the queen are protecting us from the horror outside. Don’t you dare to blame them! If it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t have been alive” My dad screamed.

They had everyone in a trance.

I had always felt something was off. I had always used my free time to read and research about our kingdom Ava but found nothing. Children under 13 weren’t allowed to socialize with each other.

But when kids became 14 they had to attend Supmora school of sorcery. Where they would learn everything related wizardry and that’s when we were allowed to socialize with each other.

My brain had always wondered why weren’t we allowed to socialize with other kids? Whenever I asked my dad about it he would say ” It’s for our safety”. Safety from what?

The gates ‘protected’ us from any mortal peril outside. We weren’t allowed to go near it or beyond it. But of course, there were some exceptions……

The Gates had always held my interest. I used to sneak out just to get a good look at it.

The people inside the gates, we people, are warlocks. That’s right we did all sorts of voodoo magic and stuff. We were distanced from the world outside the gates to protect our sacred gifts.

We weren’t allowed to access magic until we were in Supmora or had graduated from Supmora.

The people mostly avoid magic and do all the works manually or normally. But nowadays the use of magic has increased.

But in our home, we did everything manually so that we wouldn’t get ‘lazy’ as my dad quoted it.

I am Heather Carpathia. I am 14 and this year I was going to be attending Supmora School of Sorcery despite my dislike for it.

My dad is the head of security of the Palace of Icecrest where the King and the Queen resided.

My older sister, Paige was one of the Queen’s seamstresses. My older brother Nathan was a year older than me and was currently attending Supmora.

“I want to travel the world dad. I don’t want to go to Supmora. I want to be like……….Mom” I whispered.

The room went dead silent.

It was soo quiet that I could hear the wind outside howling.

“Your mother was a rebel. She didn’t listen to me or the king or the queen. And that’s why she still hasn’t returned from her quest. You are going to Supmora. End of discussion” He shouted.

And with that, he banged the door shut and left the house.

I sighed. It was going to be a long year at Supmora…….

Ending note: Please leave a review it will be appreciated. Chapter2 coming out soon….


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  1. CarmaJocelyn

    I would love it if you posted the next chapter. I am excited to see what Heather does next

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    Reply 0 Replies Oct 10, 2020
  2. Sasha1818

    Thank you so much for your comment. Tbh this is my first ever story and yours is the first-ever review I have received. I am so happy that you liked it. Would you like me to post chapter 2 let me know? I was actually having trouble finding a website to post my story. Once again thank you for your comment.

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    Reply 0 Replies Oct 10, 2020
  3. CarmaJocelyn

    I am new on this website so I understand If you decide to blow over this comment.
    I really liked the first chapter. You jumped right in and kinda grabbed the reader. So far you are doing really well.

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    Reply 0 Replies Oct 10, 2020

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