The Magnus War

By @IzayoiHaze
The Magnus War

Magnus, a planet colonized by humans, finds itself plunged into an unexpected war. With the descendants of those humans suddenly receiving strange powers, could they stand a chance against an enemy that’s always one step ahead?

Chapter 1


“Have you ever breathed air this fresh?”

Two people stepped out the doors of a large metal ship. A quiet breeze ruffled their hair and brought with it the familiar smell of grass and flowers. The sky looked to be a shade of blue they’d never seen before; free of any pollution. Similar ships docked themselves nearby and even more, or so Emil guessed, would be landing other places across the planet. He stood on the ramp watching the large meadow fill to the brim with humans of all kinds. Some took hesitant steps carefully observing the area before committing to their choice. Others threw caution to the wind viewing this foreign place as some kind of paradise. Emil considered his partner, a rather lively scientist named Hanna, to be of the former.

“You’re awfully calm about this,” He remarked.

“Oh come on,” Hanna stopped twirling and pulled him down the ramp, “There’s nothing to worry about. This project’s been going long before we were born! If the planet contained any dangers we’d know.”

Emil resisted making their descent slower, “But to say we know everything is naive-”

A finally tug made Emil stumble and plant his feet on the fresh grass. Hanna gave a cheeky grin, gloating in her victory, before letting go of his arm.

“Think about it Emil!” Hanna jogged forward and turned to face him, “We’re pioneers on a whole new level! There’s so much uncertainty, but we knew that from the start. We’ll discover new things while building an entirely new civilization. That’s never been done before! Not to this extent!”

Emil could see her eyes sparkling from where he stood. He agreed to this out of curiosity, sure, but after getting here his worries only increased. As far away as they were, if they ran into trouble, help would be out of the question.


Hanna called from further away. She waved to him, though he barely saw, and beckoned him to follow. With an annoyed sigh he ran after her knowing if he didn’t she’d just go anyway. Better someone went with her.

We don’t know what will happen, Emil thought catching up to Hanna. She smiled, patted him on the back, and walked forward blabbing about something or other, no idea what this planet will have in store, how it will affect future generations, or even if we’ll last long enough to have future generations. But maybe, if the dice fall in our favor, we’ll create something even better than before.

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