The Mages of Eoqonoris

By @Wolfkitty

The Mages of Eoqonoris

By @Wolfkitty

A normal human lived a normal life, until one day his family is slain by the Dark King's servants, the goblins, because his family wasn't wanted. He runs away, barely escaping the pointed spears of the servants, only to be taken in by the Five Great Mages. They teach him magic, and raise him to be the hero that they cannot be, but he can. Read to find out what happens in this adventure.

Chapter 3

Chapter Two

Elliot turned around to face the door. There was another violent knock. Elliot and his parents didn’t answer. Then, a final violent knock before the goblins broke through the house. They were armored, with small eyes behind their helmets, warty skin, fat stomachs showing through their armor, big ears, and big tusk like teeth sprouting out of the bottoms of their mouths.

“You aren’t wanted.” The possible leader, which was also the widest one, growled.

“Please, stand down and this will go without suffering.” Growled another one.

Then, they took out their sharp spears and started stabbing. Elliot barely escaped, running upstairs and hiding in his room. It all went so quick, and Elliot was scared. He could hear the screams of his parents as they were violently murdered. Then, all was quiet, until the scratchy voice of a goblin called out,

“Come out, little boy!”

Elliot jumped out the window as the goblins busted through the door of his room, running away. He saw the goblins breaking through the walls of his house in an attempt to get out and chase him. Tears blocked Elliot’s view, but he ran as fast and as far as his legs could carry him. The last thing he knew was he fainted somewhere in the Forest of Dreams.

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