The Mages of Eoqonoris

By @Wolfkitty

The Mages of Eoqonoris

By @Wolfkitty

A normal human lived a normal life, until one day his family is slain by the Dark King's servants, the goblins, because his family wasn't wanted. He runs away, barely escaping the pointed spears of the servants, only to be taken in by the Five Great Mages. They teach him magic, and raise him to be the hero that they cannot be, but he can. Read to find out what happens in this adventure.

Chapter 1


A girl ran towards a flowing fountain in the middle of a beautiful forest, white dress flowing behind her. Her hair was brown and she had no clothing except for her white dress. She touched the fountain with the tip of her index finger and whispered,

“Please, bring my father back.”

She waited silently, the words she said hanging in the air like a butterfly frozen in time. She waited and waited, leaning against the fountain for hour upon hour, but there was no response. She silently wept into her arms as goblins approached and struck her in the heart. She wasn’t wanted, so the servants of the Dark King had killed her. Blood slowly flowed from her, creeping along the forest ground like a thousand red bugs. But what nobody knows is that her last prayer was for the world to be saved from the Reign of the Dark King.

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