The Mae: The Warning

By @ActressMawuena
The Mae: The Warning

TwilightMae is on a mission. A mission that just might fail. As she finds out the reason of the tyrancy of King Miles is a power hungry Duke, she tries to warn them about the war. But the Duke makes her seem stupid, and makes the royal court shun her out. As she waits for the war, and the death of her bethrothed (she tried to warn him), and maybe even her death, she see's a dragon. Even her and her friends powers can't stop it.

Inspired by: Me. Inspired by Me.

Chapter 2

Chapter Two

My father looks embarrassed.

“We kind of, sort of, promised, you to King Miles,” She says.

At first, I am mad. Shocked that they would do this.

But then I realize this is the perfect opportunity.

“Thank you thank you thank you! You guys are life savors.” I sob. “Thank you!”

They look confused. “But Miles is a tyrant!” My mom exclaims.

“By promising me,” I say, “You’re helping others.”

“How?” My dad asks.

I smile. “You’ll see.”


“Her Royal Highness, TwilightMae, Princess of KingsVille.”

All of my team look shocked. She’s betraying us? They’re probably thinking.

I sneak a wink, and they quickly understand.

I walk delicately towards the throne.

I nod politely in Miles’ direction.

In his eyes, he’s won over the favorite of his people.

In mine, I’ve won over him.


I’m bold. “Why are you so mean to the people?” I ask, pulling out various books and placing them in my bag, thumping as I move in my Mae nightgown.

Miles stops reading a book. “Why are you in my business?” He sneers.

My face looks calm, but I’m scared I made a mistake. “I’m supposed to be your wife in a few days. I deserve to know.”

He slams the book, making me jump.

He treads over to the fireplace, motioning for me to sit down in a chair.

I follow my commands.

“It all started…”


I yawn, waking up from Miles shaking me.

“Wake up! You’re needed!” He says. “The maids couldn’t even wake you up!”

I smile sheepishly. “I guess I was a little bit-” (yawn) “-tired.”

After dressing and apologising to the maids, I sit down at the Royal Court.

“I think my idea of tyrancy is working,” Says Duke Herald.

My head snaps up.

“No, the villagers are planning a war against you!” I say.

I turn to the other side of the room. “Who’s in charge of the KingsMen?” I question them.

They all point to the Duke.

“Can’t you see Miles?” I say. “He’s the one who are making the people start a war against you. He’s the one who told my mother to be wary of me!”

Herald looks confused. “Your mother? I told the Queen of Mae’s to make sure you didn’t ruin my plans…”

I realize I’ve said to much. “You know what? Let’s continue with some war plans.”

“No, I want to know what you mean.” Miles says to me. “What the BOTH of you mean.” He adds on to Herald.

I start. “Well, it all started when I went to the Mae’s Kingdom. Later on, I found out that I was the daughter of Queen Mae.” And I tell him about my discoveries, my parents telling my about my arranged marriage, up until where I quickly figure out about Duke Herald. I don’t tell him that I’m using this opportunity to stop the coming war. I don’t tell him the things that would get me kicked out of the kingdom.

The duke looks angry. “She’s lying!” He says. “A pretty face always tears apart kingdoms!”

Miles is considering this. “I’m sorry, TwilightMae. You’re not helping. Go to your room and chat with your ladies in waiting.”

I toss my wavy black hair and open the doors. Before stepping out, I say, “I’m not protecting you when you die.” And I bore my violet eyes into his green ones.

I slam the door, and go outside onto the balcony closest to the courtroom.

I’m grateful they kept the window open.

“I tried to warn them,” I say in my loudest voice. “I really did, Birdie. But they won’t listen.” I say to a bird building a nest at the top of the tree closest to me.


I lay on my bed.

“I just hope the castle’s not bombed when they attack,” a worried lady-in-waiting named Camilla says.

“I really tried to fix things,” I cry. “But looks like I’ll soon be a widow living in a broken castle in a month or so.”

“Don’t cry,” Camilla says. “They’re stupid. Mostly that power hungry Duke, Herald.”

Another lady gasps. “He’s my husband. Don’t talk that way about him!” Elanor says.”Though I certainly agree,” she says in a smaller voice.

What will happen to us?

And that’s when I see a fire breathing dragon the villagers are training.

“Oh no!”

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