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The Mae: The Warning

By @ActressMawuena

Chapter One

 “We are here with urgent news from my grandmother’s house,” I say desperately, hoping to shake him off. “Well, okay.” He says. As we run, he realizes that we tricked him. “Stop!…… King will kill me!” I turn back and see other guards beating him up because of what we did. 

“I feel bad,” I say. “After all, he was only doing his job!”

“Shh! I hear the KingsMen!” I hear another girl, CleoIsla saying. We reach the grass that stretches for miles. If the Mae don’t let us in, we’ll be doomed. The Mae haven’t let any human through, no. Only Fae’s (their “blood” sisters), the aqua (their “cousins”), and the tourmalines. But maybe… we still hold hope.

 “The mae, the fae, the aqua, tourmalines. We are fine, fine, fine. Let us through, we’ll be true, to your queen! Our coats are made of velveteen, we have a group of only thirteen.” At that moment, I realize we have fourteen, including me. RavenRose. My sister. She wasn’t called for the mission, was she? No.  

“Go back, RavenRose.” I whisper. 

“No, the KingsMen will catch me!” RavenRose pleads. 

“I’m sorry, but you have to go. Go the shortcut way.”

”Fine, TwilightMae. Have it your way, as always,” She says flatly. And she leaves. 

“The mae, the fae, the aqua, tourmalines. We are fine, fine, fine. Let us through, we’ll be true, to your queen! Our coats are made of velveteen, we have a group of only thirteen,” we say again. Then, a flash of pale pink light blinds us. Seconds later, we see Mae everywhere. 

“Wow. “ says one of the younger girls.

“Shh!” I say. “We have to get to the queen.” 

We walk toward the majestic pale pink palace. “Okay. Our six coats to offer to Queen Mae?” I ask.

“Yes,” says LilyAnna, one of the people on the mission. Every step we take, the closer we get. Now, we are at the gate. 

“Do you know the password, IrisLily?” I ask a little girl wandering the palace gardens. 

“Yes, Master TwilightMae.” She says as she waddles toward the gates. Now, the Mae are noticing us. One of the Mae even come towards us and lists all our names. 

“LilyAnna and IrisLily, MoonLight and LightGrave, HappyNora and AveryHappy, MaryDahlia and DaisyMary, IslaQueen and CleoIsla, AvaIsis and RubyAva, and Master TwilightMae, whose sister can’t, and will never be, a Mae.” 

“How do you know our names?” I ask.

“The KingsMen warned us about you, but all of you are way too young to be trusted with a gun. Heck, there are probably no guns where you are!” The Mae waves the fact away.

“What’s a gun?” asks LightGrave.

“Never mind that! My name is AdriAna, high position of the queen.” 

“Stop!” I say suddenly. “First off, we aren’t Mae, so why did you let us in? Second, I thought we were the first humans to get here. And third, no Mae can get out. So how did the KingsMen warn you?”

“Um…” said AdriAna. “I’ve said too much, haven’t I? If you really want to find out, go to Queen Mae. The password is QueenMae. Real original. Nobody knows!” I think everybody knows.

“ If you really want to find out, go to Queen Mae!” LightGrave says in a perfect imitation of AdriAna. As IrisLily whispers the password, the gates open. We walk in. The moment we do, our shoulders feel broader, we stand up straighter, and our wings (wings?? Where did those come from?) wrap around our bodies. I unravel my wings and picture me flying. Then I do. I fly to the highest tower, and see Queen Mae smelling her salts. 

“Um.. Queen Mae? May we have a minute?”

“What?” she snarls.

“ M-m-may w-w-we borrow some soldiers and weapons?”

“Well, no.”

“Please!” I beg.

“Fine.” she says. “But only thirteen. I’ll cast a spell to let them out.”

“Thank you thank you thank yo-”

“Shut up! Do you want no soldiers?” she asks, looking up at me.

“Actually, you can borrow all, my new-found daughter! But first, to your fitting!” she says, smiling. “You’ve been gone for a long time.”

“What, I’m your kid?”


“Wait, what?” I stutter. Then I remember what I was here for. “How did the King-” and then Mae sprinkles some of her salts on my nose. I then start falling, falling, falling…


“Where am I?” I barely manage to say. Now I am in a dress. The skirt is a pale lavender ( what is it with Mae and their pale theme?)that starts above my knees in the front and has a train in the back and the top is off the shoulder long sleeves that are a see-through white and lavender. The bodice is pale pink (of course). As I go off the bed made of rose petals (that are somehow floating- probably Queen Mae- sorry, moms magic), I see I have a pale aqua purse and aqua heels. The Mae have done a lot of work on this, I bet. I go to the hall. Tons of people are there.  


“Hi, AdriAna!” I say, waving to the only person I know. I am sitting on a throne of pale pink roses at the end of the hall, and a crown of twilights ( a type of flower that looks like the night sky- only here in The MaesWorld.) wreathed around my head.

                                             Wait. You must be wondering how Mae look like. They look like humans, only with pale pink, blue or purple massive wings. They are only girls, and they are born with a flower in their hair that you can never take out. They have super long hair- around 12 feet long. You can be 50 and look 6, or be 2 and look 100. 

Anyways. The procession starts. I get out of the roses and walk slowly. As I get closer, I see three golden thrones. The biggest one is open. The second biggest one my real mother sits in. In the smallest one, a girl that looks seven ( I’m 16, more than twice her age.) I see she looks just like me… except for the mean glare on her face, unlike my smiling one. Her icy blue eyes and pale skin, and mine is dark violet (looks black, but when you look closer, you see it’s violet) and I have tan skin, from being in the sunlight. My hair is wavy, hers almost wavy. But we have the same small nose, sensible ears, big eyes, and tiny but plump lips. So, I guess you could call us identical. Now, she glares at me. Me! Out of all people, it’s me. Ug! People sometimes. As I sit down, I see others admiring me. The girl mouths, I would be queen if not for you.


“Ma-ae, the mae, the mae, the mae. Found is the que-ee-n of the-e-e-e-e Mae. Ma-ae, the mae, the mae, tha mae. Found is the que-ee-n of the-e-e-e-e Mae!” sings the fae. It sounds just like jingle bells- we need to finish the mission now. After three days of searching the palace library for books submitting to my questions, well, more like the questions of URAKM, or Union of Revolting Against the King(s Men). My parents had joined after King _____. Hint: fifth of November, fourth of April, third of July, the second of December, and the first of September. ANYWAYS, her parents had joined after King Miles and his men hunted down the RISK (revenge involving sword killer) seekers, which are VivianFae and TiffanyBlue. We, CleoIsla, AvaIsis and RubyAva, and I are RISKers. RISK seekers are dangerous because they murder people (well, KingsMen). RISKers are part of a group that chooses the best killers and force them into their group. They know everything- don’t mess up, or you’ll have to die in the pit of mosquitoes, which kill about 1,000,000 per year. The only way out is if you agree to kill 100 KingsMen in three hours (which is hard- unless you’re a Mae). Only one person can do this. What do you think our “mission” is? ANYWAYS, our mission is to find out what King Miles have told the Mae, but we haven’t been able to, after the parties of my returnal ( Mom is making me go to every one, even if its only for a minute.) After the parties, I study the history of Mae. At night, I sneak out into mom’s study to try to find things relating to the URAKM’s questions. So I get no sleep. At all. These are the URAKM’s questions:

URAKM top secret show to know one, not even your parents.

      Dear TwilightMae, as you fully know you are there for business, not enjoyment. These are the questions you have to ask. Find out the answers- if not, into the pit of fire.

            How did King Miles get into the MaesWorld?

           What did King Miles tell the Mae?

             MISSION 2: Get all the books you think we need from the Maes. Some titles are: History of Maes by AdriAna, Sisterhood of Maes and Faes by unknown, and The People of Mae by unknown.

             MISSION 3: Get into King Miles castle. 

Now that I think about it, how exactly did URAKM know that the KingsMen got into the MaesWorld? Either one of their spies are KingsMen, or… they are KingsMen. I’m guessing it’s the latter. So that’s not good. I need to warn the others. Too bad mom made them party all night with her because “if these friends are as good as you say, I need to meet them!” But we’re going back TONIGHT. 

“Hi, my name is TwilightMae,” I say, extending my arm out to greet the icy girl.

“What a humanly way to greet,” The icy girl says. “My name is Rashae. Your name is NadieSkinna.” She says my name maddie-skin-na.

I furrow my brows. “No, it’s TwilightMae.”







“Silence!” Mom says. “Her name is Princess NadieSkinna.” She clarifies. Rashae smirks.

“But also TwilightMae.” Mom nods to me. “She has the mark of The Twilight Mae, so when I sent her to Earth, I gave her the name TwilightMae they would know she had the mark.”

“Yes, okay. But who is this ‘Twilight Mae’?” I ask.

“She lives at the top of The Origin Mountain,” Rashae announces. “Along with TwilightFae and TwilightTourmaline.”

I smile. “I’m going back to Earth,” I say, earning gasps from the party goers. “But when I come back, who wants to go on an adventure with me?”

Tons of people rush to me.

“Do you want to come, sis?” I ask.

She looks a little surprised. She answers with a teeny smile and nod. 


“So when we go back, we have to be careful of URAKM.” I say. “And since we are now Mae, we have powers. Don’t tell your parents anything, don’t tell URAKM that I managed to find out their info, don’t say a word about this mission. Just go to town hall like we usually do.”

The girls nod. “Yes Master.” They say in unison.

I’m stern. “Do you know the basic transformation spell?” I question.

“Yes,” they say in unison.

“The attacking spell?”


“The protecting spell?”


I create an illusion rainbow of different colored rose petals so express my happiness.

“Master?” LightGrave tensely asks.

“You may speak,” I nod.

“I can feel deaths.”

I widen my eyes.

“The war,” I say. “Is starting soon.”


“Mother, father, we need to evacuate the area.” I plead. “The KingsMen are coming to kill us all!”

“Honey, we need to tell you something,” Mother says in her patient voice.

I nod.”What?”

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