The Lyricist And The Singer

By @Writer13
The Lyricist And The Singer

This is about a girl who tries to hide her past but then it bites her bum. What if she has to put her full trust in a human who is counting on her to write his songs.

Chapter 7

The Interrogation

Quote of the day by me:

To become a part of something, You have to become something in a chance to become engaged.

I woke up to a dripping sound which jolted me awake. I read the clock as 4am. Great! Might as well interrogate him earlier so he confesses with confusion.

I grabbed my black contact lenses and placed it on my eyes. I will wear a black hoodie and black jogging bottoms with black leather boots.

Leaving my hair in a messy bun, I called school to tell them I am on a business trip and left my phone number for them to give Shane in case he needs to steal a song. I don’t have time to meet him since I got a blast from the past.

I ran downstairs without any dizziness at all, the drug affect must have gone. Thank God! I think I will deal with him on my own since he is quite amateurish wolf.

As I entered the basement, I heard a warning growl. Ugh! He must really hate me. But he deserves this and much more.

“Morning, growlie. How are you at sunrise?” I asked sarcastically.

Silence came out of his mouth. Now I have to use my voice, give him a reminder of yesterday.

“Did that girl hurt your ears? Oh… Poor you! Now, are going to cooperate or is the girl going to have to sing again?”

Fear struck him in the face of the flashbacks of pain and he spoke one short sentence which made me smile.

“It was you!”

If only he pointed his finger at me then it would be absolutely hilarious.

“Who moi? Okay, first question. Why did you and the other members of Serthent kidnap my mum and ransack my place?”

Kerching! I just hit his jackpot shocked face. The interrogation has only just begun.

“How do you know there is more of Serthent!?”

**** he is dumb. I clicked a button on my phone which sets of a silent alarm on all of my team’s phones.


I saw all my members running to the basement wondering why I woke them up.

“I thought you were asleep El..!”

Just before commander could finish his sentence and my name, I glared daggers at him while grabbing a kitchen knife.


“I just thought our guest could see everyone in this interrogation. Is that OK?”

They all nodded in response, well, all except for Mr. Growlie. He just looked confused, like a lost puppy.

“So, again. Growlie. Please answer my question and afterwards won’t be so bad.”

He still didn’t speak. Fine, I will just read your mind, then.

I dug deep in his mind until I found the right information. The private file of Patient 7.0. Me.


All three of the worst gangs came in their representing colours. Red, yellow and blue. The primary colours. I recognised one though. Calub. He was a spy for red checking out any missions. Why didn’t I see it coming? Oh yeah. Puppy love. He ******* tricked me.

Stay focused, Ellie. Now let me focus on the hearing sense.

“Next mission is the most important ever! We never got the chance to finish it off. To turn Patient 7.0 in to a weapon. We are responsible since we created her extraordinary gifts. But that stupid girl escaped. Bring her back, alive since we will have to check she is stable to turn into a nuclear weapon. Calub! Do you think you will be able to report information to us? If you need help, I will bring Seth to your location to help you.”

I switched my hearing sense off and turned my smell and sight sense on. No. Way! Seth is Mr. Growlie. The vice leader. But who is the leader?

End of Flashback

“What did you find?” The commander quizzed.

“More like who. Patient 7.0…”

“You know where she is!? Tell me please my life is on risk!”

Before Seth could say anymore, I threw a knife through his heart, a silver knife at that.

“Clear up the mess! NOW!”

I ordered with a flick of my wrist.

They all did as I said. Where I went was none of their concern. But I need to speak to someone who I least expected to see. Calub.

I knew the directions to his house because of his reaking scent of liar and a smell of his blood. I knocked on the door which just swung open to reveal a messy version of Calub. 

“Oh. Hey Ellie. I am kinda busy so I can’t allow you..!”

I ignored his words and just stormed in to find a scent of my mum.

“OK then come in!”

“Where is she!?” I screamed.


“Don’t you dare play ******* dumb with me. I know about you being a spy for Serthent!”

I slapped him across the face, hard.

I didn’t have my mask and cursed myself. Well now it is about time I showed him one of my true colours. Pain.

“How do you know? Only Serthent, Sirenoc and Terrak know. Now let me tell you something Ellie. Even if that is your real name. Get out of my ******* HOUSE OR..!”

“OR WHAT!? You will hurt me? Torture me? Pain doesn’t bother me. But kidnapping my mum for superstitions is so not cool!”

“You want answers don’t you?”

“Duh! Who are you, Mr Obvious?”

He sighed and motioned me inside, wondering if it was a trap or not, I grabbed the now clean silver knife. Then I followed him.

Hey! I have to be careful of backstabbers.

“So it all started when I was 8… My father had just stared abusing me and my big sister when our mother was stabbed to death by him. He said she deserved it. And then he told us who he was. He then told me to be a spy or he would kill my sister. I had to agree since he was more powerful than the leader of Serthent. He was a god. Two years later. He asked me to leave you since we were best friends and you were chosen next to be his patient. I said no but he threatened to kill your mum. So I had to agree and go with my big sister. But she died in a fire accident that you caused.” I sensed an angry sound in his voice.

No! Please don’t be a vision.

Please don’t be a vision!

“The accident was a few months after they changed Patient 7.0. She had a lot of powers during the experiment. She was a lab rat and the only one that succeeded. The other six… let us just say the pigs were saved for a week. I really need to find her and protect her from the gangs and my dad who wants to use her as a.!”

“Nuclear weapon.” We said at the same time.

“I know because I am her. I am Patient 7.0. The one of few who survived the accident. The one who caused it to protect herself. I ran away, afraid of what they might do. I was only a good candidate since I was trained since birth how to fight and defend myself. Then the powers grew on me. I was meant to have them. I was made for a destiny. To destroy Terrak, Serthent and Sirenoc and their god, the mage. The fantasy world cannot partake the Humane world. Hell will break lose. But I still have to master a few more powers. Please don’t hand me in. I never meant to break your heart. My voice isn’t bad. I just changed the altitude to how dangerous it is. This time I will make it amazing, just for you. As an apology.”

“Sure. I got a guitar in the garage let me get it for you. And I am so sorry.”

He returned five minutes later with a bass guitar, my favourite. Ten minutes until they arrive.


I’m Sorry

Verse 1

#I heard people,

Talking **** about you

So I had to tell you…

But you didn’t listen and told me to get a new friend

Let me tell you now…#


#I am sorry that I broke your heart,

Also our friendship

I don’t blame you if you block me on social media.

Again I am sorry…#

I stopped midway when I heard a crash from upstairs. I sniffed the air. Serthents.


I ran towards him with my guitar in hand. Oh he is going to pay.

“I ******* quit now. I ******* quit. Why me? I don’t deserve to be used. I am ******* human after all. But these powers made me who I am. Listen up Serthents I am ready for you but do not go anywhere near me let me live life. I will ******* kill you in a year. Come on Calub you are of for a little ride.”

I dragged him by the ears to home and I smashed him on the head to knock him out. I will find you mum.


Author’s Note

-Are you curious yet?

-Enjoy the song?

Tara for now!?

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