The Lyricist And The Singer

By @Writer13
The Lyricist And The Singer

This is about a girl who tries to hide her past but then it bites her bum. What if she has to put her full trust in a human who is counting on her to write his songs.

Chapter 6

Awkward Reunion part 2

Quote of the day by me:

It is not what you are,

It is what you do that makes a difference.

“Ellie… WAKE UP! It was just a hallucination!” A familiar yet unrecognisable voice called out to me.

I jumped up and yelled one short sentence.


When I looked in front of me I saw ten figures. They were already here. The people who knew. Who knew of the incident.

I tried to start walking, ignoring all the glares but I fell with weak legs.

Yet someone caught me with strong arms. They felt so familiar. My agent. The one who mainly covered my tracks.

“How lo-ong have I been out?”

“A week, you were in a coma. It seems the medication isn’t working and you experienced a severe hallucination. We will assign you a psychologist and a specialist to keep up with your schizophrenia and try different methods.” My agent stated like it was the most ordinary thing in the world.

When I looked down at my arm, I saw needles still stock in my arms. I am at a mental hospital as I took in the surroundings. Great, I love repeating my past! This is not the only time I have been in a coma, though.

Where is Shane? Probably getting on with his life.

As I looked down at what I was wearing, I just scoffed in disgust. Old blood hospital dress.

“Where is my mum!?” I demanded.

They all just stared blankly at me. Please don’t say she was taken. But then again, god was never on my side.

“She was taken at the exact time you started having the hallucination. We don’t know who yet, but we have this photo of a guy with a red cobra tattoo on his face, covering a scar. Do you have an idea of who it is?”

****! My mum was taken by Serthent, only the most dangerous gang in UK! They must know where I am. And more importantly, who I am.

“Yes I do… Serthent is back, and they might know about me. And they will use me as a weapon.”


All of them looked shocked as well as me since they were in the accident. Just when I thought my life was lucky!

“Can I get out of here? I want to go home to see the damage. Maybe it will give me a hint where they went.”

They started shaking their heads but when they realised who they were talking to, they instantly agreed. They have always respected me, afraid of what I might do.

“Sure thing. Just remember we are doing this to protect you. We will drive you home.” All the black hooded figures nodded.

I smiled while ringing the bell for the ‘nurses’ to get me my change of clothes and to remove me from the machines. I don’t want to describe the place because it is so disturbing.

3 hours later:

As I exited the black jeepers car, I saw a red figure lurking through my house.

I motioned towards the door and grabbed the agent’s gun, running towards the door (or what is left of it).

I am glad I am wearing sports clothes and ran inside, ignoring the pain in my head and the whispers of the agents.

There is a reason why I am smart, I know everything about anything. And I knew he was trying to get rid of evidence or trying to find me.

He had a strong build. But I was still stronger, it helps when you were trained since you were born.

I was what you call superhuman even if I have schizophrenia. I had advanced senses and the rarer six sense. That is why they hired me to protect the world as one life and be normal on the other.

Now onto my target, he smells of nothing but dog. Werewolf. Halfling. Beta. I love my enhanced senses. Age… 29. Easy! Wait… they want to test my skills.

Let me tell you guys something. I don’t have schizophrenia. That is what humans think. It is known as psychic powers. I was gifted by the gods. But that will be explained later.

My voice is dangerous when I sing. That is why I need Shane. I don’t want anyone to die. I motioned a signal for the agents to put their earplugs in and started humming my song.



Verse 1

# What have I done?

I have got innocence on my hands

But that isn’t mine,

Coz all I do is kill

With my many weapons,

Being alone is what I do

Coz I may hurt the ones I love#


#My grenade goes BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

My gun goes BANG! BANG! BANG!

But my knife slashes in different places.

I stalked towards the enemy with him falling to the ground, clutching his ears.

“Hey! Don’t you like my song? That is very rude for a Sethert isn’t it? You are now paralysed so while you clutch your ears, I will tie you to a chair and you will meet my gang. For I know you have come here for the accident. But for now, please enjoy my singing which will knock you out for a day.”

I swiftly grabbed the homing device he was about to press and I removed my black mask while returning to my song.

This is like Assassin’s Creed

But way, way worse,

Coz it is so so real

You don’t choose the weapons, The weapons choose you

Then you become the weapon#

Verse 2

# They are getting closer by the minute,

I am running out of time

We are losing the battle for life.

27 down, 10 more to go.

I used to be an alpha

But you killed my son,

But I shall survive with my weapons#

As I was repeating my Chorus again, he just screamed and fell to the floor. My voice always works. Of course, there are other aspects of me, but this one is one of my favourites.

“Come on guys! We need rope so go to the basement. And bring silver knives for backup if he breaks free. I will wipe his memory after the interrogation. Let’s go people!”

Everyone did as I expected. In less than five minutes, he was in my basement, knocked out.

“Good job, Ellie!” The commander responded with praise while patting me on the back.

I winced in pain, realising that I fell on my back earlier. Why are people so dang forgetful? I guess seeing them again wasn’t awkward. I might have to join them again since from the events of last week.

But right now I need to sleep because of the amount of drugs in my body. I walked over to the agent and asked if he was ready.

And if I could get some sleep. Of course he agreed since he knew that the worst is yet to come and I should catch up on my sleep. I ran as fast as I could and jumped in bed, not bothering about a shower or changing into my pj’s.

“Goodbye, normal life. Or whatever was normal. And hello old life.”

I snuggled in bed while listening to a rock and roll song through my headphones, thinking of how to tell school why I wasn’t there.

And how will I tell Shane where I have been!? Ugh, life is such a drag!


Author’s Note

Are you curious at all?

– Why do you think Ellie hates the Serthent?

– What about her dad?

– What did you think of my song?

– Will the Serthent member confess?

Keep reading add commenting your guesses to find out! ?☺?

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