The Lyricist And The Singer

By @Writer13
The Lyricist And The Singer

This is about a girl who tries to hide her past but then it bites her bum. What if she has to put her full trust in a human who is counting on her to write his songs.

Chapter 5

Awkward Reunion part 1

Quote of the day by me:

No matter how crazy family is,

You still love and miss them.

I woke up with a tail in my face and a purring sound. I pushed the cat away while stroking her.

“What time is it?” I groaned.

The 24 hour digital clock read 12:30pm.

“****! I am late for school!” I ran downstairs while brushing my hair and grabbing my school bag.

“Woah… Slow down sweetie it is training day so you can help me prepare dinner… wait it is already prepared. So why don’t you make the pudding since you are so great!”

Ooo… somebody is jealous and stressed! Ugh the ex family is coming today! Why!? Me and my stupid songs!!! But Calub did lose his mum when his dad stabbed her repeatedly for an hour. And I thought my mind was ****** up!

The only thing that brings people together is most of my songs. But Calub decided to judge too quickly and called me so many vile words… My mum feels sorry for him so that is why she invited him over.

DING! ****!

“They are here! Open the door!”

“OK mum!”

I ran to the door and unlocked the gold chain to reveal the person I least expected.

“Shane!? What are you doing here?”

“I was just wondering why you weren’t at school because apparently you usually have great attendance. And because so we could talk about my album but I guess you are quite busy since I can smell the steak pies. So can I come in?” He gasped all in one breath.

“Sure! Just stay away from the kitchen and upstairs and everything else is accessible!”

I motioned for him to come in while actually feeling glad he came while I silently thought about my mum that I would thank her later and led him into the living room.

“Hey Calub, how are you?”

I cringed at those words while entering the kitchen. I heard her playing on the radio the covers.

The one she was playing was

“Hello” originally by Adele but the cover was sung by Shane Dales.

I silently went to my bedroom to change out of my lacey pj’s. Oh god, he saw me in my pj’s! Now, what to wear today?

I decided to have a quick shower which usually calms my nerves.

Oh god mum don’t embarrass me while talking to Shane!

As I got out of the shower I thought of how I would do my hair. In a messy ponytail since having it thick and a muddy brown colour at chest length. I have a weird eye colour consisting of blue, grey, green, and hazel. I have long blackish brown lashes. I only need a hint of makeup. Just porcelian foundation, for I am as white as Casper, black mascara, and nude lipstick. My hair style is wavy and straight at the same time. With different lengths as well.

What to wear… what to wear?

I decided to wear a sleeveless black top, black skinny jeans, and a black leather jacket with black boots.

After two hours of putting on my casual outfit, I went downstairs while putting my petit black rimmed glasses.

“Finally, your ready! I was wondering what was taking you so lo. .!” Shane stopped when he looked directly at me, sat on the sofa and being tortured through baby photos of me.

Geez, mum! I already am stressed he doesn’t need to see what I was like when I was younger!

“Hey, Ellie! You look cute in that photo! So… How about we get on with the first song?”

“OK! See ya soon mum and don’t worry the cake will be great!” I ran to the bottom stairs when she reached for my shoulder and grabbed me.

“Is that Shane Dales by any chance?”

I nodded with a forced smile, hoping she would let me go.

And she did.

“Just be aware when they knock on the door. Coz they may not like him.”

That is true. I never would want to mess with them. Yet we have to be friends since they bought us this house and kept ‘the accident’ a secret.

Me and Shane both went upstairs since I allowed him. Only I can allow people upstairs for one room contains one of my darkest secrets. My other secrets, let’s just say they are safe if anyone wants to be alive.

“So… your mum told me about you and Calub and why you fought… wanna talk about it or do you want to work?”

“Work, please!” I politely ordered.

For over an hour, we both got so distracted that we didn’t realise the doorbell went five minutes ago.

“Well, well, well. Look how fast my cheap ex girlfriend moved on with the pathetic excuse of a singer all because she is desperate. At least I haven’t told anyone her true secret.”

“Calub! Don’t. Push it! It was an accident!”

“Yeah, right! You know what happened. I lost my town people because of you!”

He reached behind his back and pulled out a black knife. Poison.


But it was too late… he stabbed me where he hurt me yesterday… in my broken heart.


That sweet melodic voice filled my ears. Why couldn’t I get up? Dang it! Another hallucination! But this time it was worse. Way worse. And I knew that the worst was yet to come.


Author’s Note

Hello, my lovelies!

You on edge yet?

I know I am!

Any ideas what Ellie did?

What is her darkest secret?

Where is Ellie’s mum?

What do you think she meant by way worse?


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