The Lyricist And The Singer

By @Writer13
The Lyricist And The Singer

This is about a girl who tries to hide her past but then it bites her bum. What if she has to put her full trust in a human who is counting on her to write his songs.

Chapter 1

You Don't Know

Quote of the day by me:

If you judge someone by rumours if they judge you,

It makes you just as bad as them.

To have stereotypes.

As soon as I stepped in school, a few people glared at me and muttered amongst each other and snickering towards me.

Me and my big dang mouth!

My outfit is a simple black suit since I am a goth.

I saw my friends walking with the one guy I hated the most to meet. The guy who caused me to lose everything by changing my words. I just had to face the fact that he is their friend since he has no other friends for being a grass to over three schools about all the things I did and twisted my words. His name is Will and he is a chubby geek.

Yet I look like I have anorexia with **** and a bum. I won’t judge since I was raised right not like a GRASSER he is. I still have two or three secrets but I will kill to keep them.

So when I made my way over to them the lively bundle included my best friend, who is called Layla, the main goth, Zola, the artist, Christina, the pretty one, Chloe, and the bad ass, Michaela.

The people who were talking about me shouted something. But I didn’t care what they say because I have heard it all before since it has been going on for over two years. I didn’t want to cause any more arguments since they think he is perfect.

I parted to the Dining Hall where I could write a song that I had an idea about this morning. After fifteen minutes the bell went and I packed up my stuff and left for my first period. Since I have a double period in I.T I don’t have time to write more songs so I just lined up to my next class and waited for the second bell to go.



Finally, now I can get on with my double lesson. Yes, I am unfortunately a nerd/goth who just wants to be educated and ignore those who don’t want to learn.

“Good morning. Today we have a new seating plan and I worked very hard to choose the right partners for the whole term. No changes will happen.”

Everyone groaned but our teacher just didn’t notice or just didn’t care. We had five tables of six. And I was on the fourth one where I was with my ex (shudders) and my enemy who tried to kill my best friend who everybody hates because she cuts herself and I know this sounds cringe worthy but I stopped her from cutting herself and we are like sisters. She has had at least twenty relationships. But she is bisexual even though that doesn’t bother me, then again, why should it?

Anyway, I am getting sidetracked with my best friend even though it was for eight years. I had to sit next to someone who mentally bullied me.

People say that the worst type of bullying is physical bullying, but I think both mental and physical bullying is worse for it can both affect your mind with pain and guilt. Mental affects how you feel about yourself when they insult everything about you even if they don’t know you.

Even if they don’t know me, they just want to create a negative impact on my life but I won’t let that happen since I am strong and independent.

The two lessons seemed to go quickly. Probably since I was sneakily writing more of my songs and thinking of notes. No matter how hard it was.

Now it is to vmg. Just as I thought this day couldn’t go any quicker, the teacher, Mr White, held me back to have a word. This was very unusual since I am not in his vmg and his starts now.

When I gathered my stuff and put my notebook away, the bell went and all the students left while I went to sir to see what he wanted and I stood in front of him acting very nervous since he was fun yet a very strict teacher who only dealt with troublesome teenagers and lackers.


“COME IN!” He shouted.

The door opened with a screeching noise. Dang, I hated that door so much!

“The S.D is here!” The secretory squealed happily.

“Okay thank you for informing me… Ellie, can you please come with me for I have assigned you a partner for a project that all schools will take part in. I will explain later once you have met the guy who you are showing the school to.”

“Okay sir.”

I felt so glad that I wasn’t in trouble and that I was actually missing vmg to meet this boy who a member of staff freaked over. Geez, she is so dramatic and young… 18!? The lad is even younger by about five years and already women are swooning over his name.

When I was walking to the reception area I saw a limo outside with two security guards who look like world wrestlers.

When the door opened and I heard loads of screams, mainly of girls, in my school. Why did he have to come at break!? That is when murder happens. Hey, can’t I exaggerate at all since I have to be his guide and partner in a project I knew nothing about!? When I looked at the door that just opened, I just couldn’t believe it!

How could someone like him go to a place like this!? He was basically gold and we were used toilet paper. But the popular kids were the asses. Yes, I know that was a bad analogy but you got to admit that he rides in style.

When he pulled his hood down and took his sunglasses off, all the girls squealed with happiness.

Oh. My. God!

That is THE Shane Dales, only the most youngest and famous singer in Europe!!! I heard he is discussing a collaboration with Ed Sheeran.

Wait, he is just another human being so I will just treat him like one.

Apparently I was the only one who thought of that since the girls kept on screaming what they would like to do to him. Ugh, I feel so sorry for him. Being the new kid is tough. I barely made one friend… But now I have five who actually don’t care about the rumours anymore and hang out with me.

While I zoned out, thinking about how boring and dreaded my life was, Mr White shook me and took me to the principle’s office, the place where the most important and secret stuff happened.

I hoped that nobody noticed me since they were all googley eyes with Shane. Who was following me since he was a new student as he was guided by the giddy receptionist who kept on begging for autographs.

I was actually surprised when there wasn’t a mob of news people asking why he came here.

As soon as we both arrived, our principle joined us and motioned us to sit down while sitting down himself. I followed his instructions but Shane hesitated and mumbled to himself before doing as he was told.

Dang teens nowadays!

As I nervously glanced in the direction of Shane, he seemed to acknowledge it and smirked at me. Dang, why did my partner have to be the famous teen who is a cocky ass!?

I decided not to write in my song journal since he would be staring at me. I was silently thinking of a new song idea when someone poked me in the shoulder.

“Yeah!?” I jumped.

Geez, he had to be annoying as he was cute! Why can’t he keep his gob shut instead of laughing his pig headed face off!?

“Ah Hmm!” Mr Ghail cleared his throat impatiently.

“Sorry sir. But why am I here?” I quivered.

“Don’t worry. You’re not in trouble. We just came to discuss a project and why he came here. You are one of the brightest students in this town and we need you to tutor Shane since he needs to get grades to continue his singing life… We decided that you have the same schedule so you can show him around school. I will give you the day off as well.”

Wait, what? I know I am clever and all but I have to tutor and basically be the owner of this sick idiot!?

“OK… What about the project Mr White was talking about?”

“Ah…. I am sure Shane wouldn’t mind telling you while you give him a tour!”

“What!? You think she is gonna be my lyrical writer!? Ya know that I just sing covers for now since I can’t write. Plus, she is such a nerd and very ugly. What do you even see in her!?” Shane moaned.

THAT. IS. IT!!!!

I can’t take it anymore. Why must they be so stereotypical towards me?

I ran all the way to the practice room where my piano is. I ignored all their calls to come back and just ran as fast as my muscly legs could go. Dang it I must not cry!

God, I need to write a song! I have a tune but I can’t sing but I will have to let steam blow. I began writing and adding notes along the way until it was finished.

Here is the music that I wrote;

Stereotypical Illusions

Verse 1 (raps)

#I have had enough of this,

Nah, I don’t want men and their ””’

That is just a stereotype,

Everything is judged by the history of stereotypical illusions

Yeah, we may sometimes be an emotional wreck,

But just stop calling us depressed and crazy

I don’t care if you are handsome or not,

Just show me that you are no different

Yeah, we don’t care about our features,

We just wanna fit in

I don’t care how long this song is,

If a man can rap

Then what about us,

Stop calling me a man coz I wear sweatpants,

That is just a stereotypical illusion,

Just like you#

Verse 2

# Having no choruses doesn’t mean it is not a song,

Having no singers doesn’t mean it is just words

Nah, I don’t do stereotypes, just the truth,

Going topless doesn’t mean I am gay

If I am dancing doesn’t mean I am drunk,

If I am wallowing pills doesn’t mean I am an addict,

Just stop using those stereotypical illusions

Let us live in a world where we can be who we wanna be,

So don’t think I am a pest who just checks the women’s features

That is why they always push me away,

Not all blonde girls are dumb and plain mean,

My sis lost her job for some stereotypical illusion

Why ya gotta judge for looks and stereotypes,

I just do it for the personality#

Verse 3

# Ya see the women’s’ rights all over the world,

Just tryna fit in

Be like the men,

Had enough being the housewives n wanna join the military

Even after the wars, they are still not happy,

**** stereotypical illusions say men fight n the women stay home

The dang government don’t care and call it a minor issue,

But the wives are always leaving for being treated like a maid

How would you like it if you were a slave,

The homeless are just us but getting iller by the minute

Yet you call them the freaks?

**** stereotypes!

I had enough of this and wanna be on the non-stereotypical planet

Where the genders all get along,

No animal abuse,

Yet we fight for freedom

Even if there is no such thing,

So **** this ****

Stereotypical illusions are just a way to ruin lives,

Ya better change or we will rebel!#

As I played the beat and finished my final rap I heard a clapping noise and swiftly turned around.

“That. Was. Amazing!” An unwanted voice cheered.

“Ugh! Dang it! Can’t a woman have peace!? Anyway, what do you want, Shane?” I snarled.

“Dang it! I only came to apologise for being rude. I was unwillingly forced to come here if I didn’t write my own lyrics and beats. I wish I could write as good as you!”

“You don’t know. You really don’t know … Do you? Who I am? Why I literally hate you?”


“Well, you and your type have bullied me with your cockiness and arrogance. Thinking I am an easy victim to play with as a new toy with mental words? Well not any ******* more!!!” I scream while stalking towards him.

I saw him shifting his glance towards something. And I knew what. He was going to try and get my song journal!

“Oh no you don’t! We aren’t working together just yet!”

I tried to reach the journal and grab it out of his hands but he was already flicking through it like he was amused or inspired. I tried shoving him but he wouldn’t move an inch! Dang it! Why has the asses gotta be so strong?!

So I just decided to wait since he probably thought it was an amateur.

I have never met or seen him before but he was hot, I gotta admit. Dang it! Stop, Ellie you hate men!

“Wow! Maybe you are great after all. But I don’t know why you want to hide this. These are so affective to others and very true! I know you have no idea what is going on but I will tell you if you come and tour this place.” Shane commented.

“Wait! How did you find me?”

“Well, you know the receptionist, Miss Khar? Well, I went to her to ask if she knew where you were but I had to sign an autograph. She lead me to here and said this is where you mainly come when you are stressed. So, here I am!”

“Wow, you really are sorry. So, how about that tour?”

“OK! Just check that no fan mobs are following me and off we go!”

Well, this is gonna be fun!


Author’s Note

~ So guys, what do you think of my rap, Stereotypical Illusions?

~ What do you think about Shane?

~ Any covers sent would be grateful!

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