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The Ludicrous Collection

By @Violetmeyers

Plungers and Duckies

I am a plunger, and you know what I do? I unclog toilets. It’s actually super gross and I hate it a lot. But there was never anything else I was used for! Not until last week. I was sitting there by the toilet like I usually do. Some kid ran Into the bathroom and shoved a rubber duckie down the toilet, flushing it. I sighed knowing that his mom would have to come in and use me to unclog that toilet. But then she didn’t come. She didn’t know that her son did that. The toilet overflowed and water poured all over the bathroom. I got soaked! 

“Gah!” I gasped, “what the heck!” I spit the water out of my mouth. Toilet water never tasted good. And then I saw the rubber duckie come OUT of the toilet! He sat on the side of it and called down into the bowl. 

“Come friends!” He quacked, “let’s start with this house!” And then fifty rubber duckies emerged <em style=

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