The Lottery Ticket

By @Michael2332

The Lottery Ticket

By @Michael2332

A young man named Elvis wins the lottery, only for a nightmare to ensue.

Chapter 1

As I came barreling through the doorway, I clumsily knocked over the lamp sitting on the little table to the right of the door. Surveying the room was a bust because it wasn’t anywhere in sight. I went flying over to my hamper where I began searching and launching the dirty clothes across the room. The pile of clothes grew, making even more of a mess, while I was searching through that hamper. Learning that my hamper was empty caused me to do three things: flip my hamper into the hair, punch the wall, then job straight over the bed to the night table. The night table is the place where it would most likely be. Every night I rest my wallet, phone, and car keys there so I probably put it there by accident. As I checked the surroundings of the night table to see if it fell off, Adrian came looking around the corner.

“Hey there bud”, he said in a passive aggressive tone, “You’re making a lot of noise in here.”

“Bro I can’t find the ticket” I screamed while frantically moving into the closet. This is literally my luck. Whenever something good comes along I blow it.

“It’s not a big deal Elvis. It’s only like five G’s” Adrian said.

“Bro you can’t read, the ticket was 50 G’s” I shot back. The $50,000 would finally give me enough money to get ahead on bills, start a business, buy my mom a house, or more. I need to find this ticket. With the impending chances of losing the winning lottery ticket, I decided it was best for me to call the boys over to strengthen the search.

Within the hour we had three more people join the search. Nomar, Delino, and Joey. I know I can rely on my boys to help me. Nomar is the cousin that has always been closest to me, he’s more like the brother I never had. He’s been the guy that I would call during those late nights. As for Delino and Joey, they’ve been my dogs since freshman year of high school. We’ve been through everything together. Getting picked off by the 12 at that crazy rager senior year. All those late night Taco Bell runs at 2 in the morning. Winning the CIF San Diego Section Football Championship our junior year. These are the guys I needed for this.

“Bro… we been looking for an hour now” Adrian said while leaning against the couch. With the living room looking like a mess too, I began to fear that this ticket was gone. This feeling of failure suddenly rushes over me as I fall back into a sitting position on the ground.

“Man, how does this s*** happen every time” I yelled into my hands with a tear streaming down my face.

“Elvis, you gotta relax man. It ain’t your fault” Nomar declared. “You gonna beat yourself up about this like you always do.”

“It’s 50 G’s” I responded disheartedly. I then shifted into a lying position and began to stare at the ceiling. As the silence pushed on, I tried to picture each and every single spot that the ticket could have ended up.

“Wait hold up” Adrian said with a long pause, “What if the ticket never made it here?”

“Yeah, You should go check back at the gas station” Delino replied.

With Adrian’s, I decided that it would be better to split up and have a group go to the gas station. The gas station crew consisted of me, Nomar, and Joey which left Delino and Adrian at the apartment to continue looking.

This gas station trip had to be the longest ever. Not because we got there but because I was thinking on the whole ride there. Thinking about how I normally mess good things like this up. With the $50,000, I could have made a serious impact on my friends, family, or community but I have that feeling that I let them down. I let myself down. I had the opportunity to open the restaurant that Adrian and I have always wanted to open together. I let him down too. As if almost on cue, I got a call from Delino.


“Where are you?” I attempted to ask calmly.


“Aye we a mile out get there” I said as I turned to Nomar who immediately swerved into the lane for the right turn. “Bro we are on the way, just stay on him” I said to Delino.

“ADRIAN IMMA WHOOP YOU UP WHEN I CATCH YOU!” Delino screamed at Adrian. “YO ELVIS, LEFT ONTO SOO CHOO ROAD” he yelled again.

“We’re right here. Coming westbound on Soo Choo Road” I quickly replied. After about a minute of driving Nomar spotted Adrian on the run. He the slowed the car to a low enough velocity for me to ninja roll out the open door safely. As I jumped out, I completely overestimated my ninja rolling ability, because I hit my head on the ground which knocked me out,

When I orientated myself, Adrian was nowhere to be found. Delino on the ground and being helped up by Joey. I turned to my Right and saw Nomar chilling on the ground next to me.

“Where’s Adrian?” I questioned.

“He’s gone” Nomar slowly pointed out.

With that, I closed my eyes. I couldn’t bear what I just heard. I let everybody down again.

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