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The Little Proud Ant

By @Angela23

Once upon a time there was a very proud ant living in the ant colony with his hardworking sister and brothers.

Every time they moved to a new place they worked together to build their new home.

Everyone had a job and worked happily for the good of the colony.

The pride ant didn’t like working with their sisters and brothers because nobody recognized its efforts and talent.

One day the proud ant decided to start a project by its own, a high tower, right next to the ant colony so everyone could see what a great, smart hardworking and talented ant he was.

He started working and working day and night. He would go to the forest, climb trees to look for leaves and branches to build the tower. He would go to the river to make mud for the tower.

The little ant got tired, every day more and more. His sister and brothers watched him with worry. They tried to offer him help, but he kept repeating “Leave me alone and you’ll see, the greatest tower you’ll see!”.

One day, the little ant was carrying a leave over a large brunch over a river. The ant was so tired that suddenly he fall asleep for a few seconds. Those seconds were enough for him to lose balance and slipped. The little ant cried for help while hanging from the brunch over the roaring water.

His sisters and brothers heard him and run to save him, but after they saved him, he didn’t say thank you. He walk away saying “why did you help me?! I could have done it myself. I don’t need you. I’m strong and smart. Now, let me go and finish the greatest tower you’ll ever see!”.

The proud ant worked all that night and finished the tower by the morning. It was an impressive tower with windows and large rooms inside.

He stepped in the balcony and said loudly “Come sister and brothers! Come in and admire my work. I invite you all to the opening ceremony of the greatest tower of all times!”. Nobody answered. He looked down and saw all of them playing all together having a big dinner just ignoring him.

After a while, the proud ant understood, and with great sorrow walk down and stood in the middle of their brothers and sisters. Looking down and with a sad tone said “I know you don’t want to see me, but I just want to say that I’m sorry. I really needed your help when I was building the tower and I was really thankful when you saved me, but my pride wouldn’t let me accept your help or say thank you. I am sorry for all. I don’t want to bother you anymore. I’ll move and leave my tower to you. Goodbye you all.”

The little ant started walking away from them, but one the rest of ants stopped him and said “You did wrong, but you´re still our family and we love you. So turn back and come have dinner with us. We forgive you. Don’t worry, we are all for each other. Tomorrow, it could be me, everyone makes mistakes, but the greatest part is what you learn from them”.

The ant came back to the colony and all had a big party in the great tower, showing nothing else but love and forgiveness to the not anymore proud ant.

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