The Light Behind The Darkness

By @SoapyWolfLover
The Light Behind The Darkness

I captivating story about a girl that gets a little to deep into her families connections. Things are slowly crumbling around Anna's feet. People from her past are appearing in her future and perhaps keeping her from moving on.

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Chapter 1

Chapter One

Saying good bye to everyone at the restaurant I headed out into the cold night. Usually I would be walking home with josh, another waiter at May’s Caffe, but he had called off sick so I was on my own. It had started to rain and the wind whipped around me trying to tear my coat from my shoulders. My house is 8 blocks from the caffe but I had to walk because I did not have enough money to buy a car right now. I had made it about 6 of those eight blocks when a creepy feeling came over me. Now it was not like in the movies where the heroin feels like someone is watching her and then the bad guy comes out. Oh no this was a deep and deafening foreboding that hung in the air and wrapped its self all around me like an ever tightening noose. I hurried onward, bravely or stupidly deciding to ignore the feeling of dread the swept by me. Just as I could see my house insight I managed to run into someone Just my luck I started to mumble an apology just wanting to get out of the wether and into my fluffy pajama pants, but a deep voice cut me off-What are you doing out here, girls should not be out at night alone. The voice sounded angry like he was scolding a young child. I looked up at him to see not just one man but about 10, shocked I took a startled step back, but the man in the front of the group that had spoken to me reached out and grabbed my arm and pulled me closer-I will not repeat myself again what are you doing out at night by yourself-he hissed. His grip on my are was starting to hurt but when I tried to get out he only griped harder and tugged on it for good measure. I am walking home from working at the caffe-I said quietly trying to keep myself from whimpering, wondering why someone that I don’t know is so concerned with my affairs. He started to speak to his companions, but so quietly that I could not hear what he said, so I took the time to look at him properly. His hair was dark black, his face looked perfect but his eyes were bye far his best quality, they were green like a forest after a storm, captivating and terrifying all in one. But at the same time they looked very sad and angry, and for some reason disappointment showed around the edges. I wondered if any of those emotions were directed at me or not. He turned back to me and said-We will walk you home it is not safe for you to be out alone-I looked up at him thinking he was joking and that him and his group of men would just take me with them to some unknown warehouse to kill me. He must have seen my nervous face because he said with a smirk-We are not going to have our evil ways with you if thats what you think. I glared at him-if you were a group of old ladies than maybe I would consider not being afraid or nervous around you in the middle of the night on a dark street, but you are not so sorry buddy still creeped out-I said with a small smile. Tell us were you live we will walk you home and stay with you the rest of the night, there is no arguing involved thats what is going to happen wether you like it or not-I looked at him shocked by his sudden attention to my safety, and by how rough he was being with me. I just met him for crying out loud, but the next thing I know he grabbed my arm again and he was pulling me down the street asking me to tell him where I live. I told him quickly and quietly, rather embarrassed about where I lived. But he was either not from around here or it did not sink in right away because there was really no reaction to it until we got there. But when we got there let me tell you he was not happy.

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