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The lie of equal opportunities, and meritocracy in IT

By @magicvanillacloud

What the having the right type of friends means

During this time, I was still at my old place in Aylesbury.

It was a really tiny appartment, with signifficant insulation problems.

Once, during the summer, I was screaming the building down when a mouse somehow got into the house, and hid in a pile of laundry.

The poor tiny little thing.

I almost feel sorry that I had to snap his spine in two, inside a mousetrap.

Even dead, the mouse looked kind of cute.

The day before I threw the party for the unwelcome intruder, it was hot summer day in quiet and kindda dirty Aylesbury.

I remember passing by the Costa next to the shopping complex, where they sold those insanely huge sugarey meringues.

Haha, who nowadays can allow herself those humungus meringues over coffee I wonder.

Pity, I only went there twice. It was a cool Costa.

At my new job, that I did not notice that I was beginning to really like, I did make a little attempt at persuading Shane, the operations manager, let me work from home a bit more until I was going to serve my probation, and rent a place closer to work.

I got a very cold, and professional “no”.

Apparently, the bloke who ran the security analyst team liked having one of the infrastructure engineers close by.

Leo, very quickly and automatically became my best friend.

In the insanity of the workload that landed on my lap, that was stretching my fingers to the edge of insanity, Leo was always there to help.

Once, when I was ridding the avalanche wave strong. Leo was off shift, and he came back to work from walking his dog to help me out.

The place was filled with what looked like upper middle class Oxford boys, and tenured engineers.

I would later learn, that not all these people were good at their jobs, and much less honest about their many painful and perpetuating failures.

About two months in, I still felt like this awkward girl that is not quite up to the mark.

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