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The lie of equal opportunities, and meritocracy in IT

By @magicvanillacloud

The beginning of the story

I had interviewed for the job with three people.

The 1st time around, I needed to take a ride to Oxford and then take a bus from there to get to the office.

I remember, that this was a very tense day for me because I organised myself really poorly, and I ran late.

Luckily I found a really nice cabby, that conforted me during my really tense time, during the cab ride.

When I got there, I worried about my hair ( just trying to build a picture ), and I went straight in to the interview.

The IT crowd is my element and I was really happy to see them. One of the guys was my former boss, a Linux veteran. They asked me a few questions, but it was pretty blatant that my Linux skills were not up to the mark, and my former boss Bob, was smiling politely to the operations manager next to him, most likely signalling that this wasn’t going to work in his opinion.

After the interview, Bob guided me upstairs to meet the SOC team ( this was a cyber-security company ). On the way upstairs, we chatted about collectible figurines, and Bob seemed standoffish. Later, I would discover that this standoffishness was just part of Bob’s corporate persona, and it was adequate of the occasion.

Upstairs, there was a neat little office with a few SOC analysts sitting on gaming PC chairs in front of their monitors.

I met the manager of the SOC team, and he was a professional, neutral english guy.

So, now that my interview ended, I took a bus ride back into Oxford.

When I got off in Oxford, the weather was a bit cloudy, but nothing can ruin a day in Oxford. My phone was ringing, and I looked a the screen. Strangely, the name of the company Bundocks flashed on the screen.

I picked up the call, and there was a feminine voice at the other end.

Later, I would later learn that this lady was Mary, the HR director of the company. At the time, it was a medium-size company, and this meant that some people carried various roles within the company.

She told me that, at that stage, they were not prepaired to make me an offer, because they would have liked someone with VoIP experience.

For me, this was not such a big deal, as rejection was a big part of the ride to finding anoher job.

This, was unfortunatley, a sign that they were not crazy about me to begin with, and also slightly unprofessional as you will later find out.

I was at the time living off of savings, and at the time things were looking of for me so I spent the day in a really pleasant way in Oxord, and had some other chats with a bunch of recruiters.

One of the recruiters that I spoke to, seemed realy edgy, and he was very curious about all the other companies that were interested in myself. I did suspect from the start, that this guy viewed me as a really big fish, swimming close to his bonus-fishnet.

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