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The lie of equal opportunities, and meritocracy in IT

By @magicvanillacloud

Short description

The short synopsis of this story, is that I landed a job at a market-leading cyber-security company, as an infrastructure support engineer, and the end of my tenure there was due to me complaining about the mistreatment that I was receiving

This story may make you feel uncomfortable, as it describes various nefarious acts of sadism, misogyny, and general work-place abuse.

I could have left this place at any time, but the reason for me staying was the knowledge that this group of men had inflicted the same abuses, on all the women that came before me, and also historically this practice of repeated abuse has been paid, valued, and supported in the engineering community.

The experience that I have had, made me feel stronger, pure, more skilled and more confident in my own strengths than ever before.

Despite the overall disturbing note of the story, you will also find descriptions of funny, and sometimes very delightful experiences.

It all started with a strange man who was verbally attacking me during meetings, and as the story progresses all the other men follow his example.

Some of the details of the story have been intentionally obfuscated, due to me signing an agreement not to speak in a derogatory way about this previous employer. 

For the purposes of anonimity, all the names of companies and individuals have been changed.

Hopefully, this story will shed a shred of light on the lie of equal opportunities for women in IT.

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