The kidnapped Mate

By @alexandreaemerald
The kidnapped Mate

After being forced in to an arranged marriage with the Alpha's son, Aurora runs away from silver moon pack to escape the wedding, instead gets kidnapped by the Zachary, Alpha of blood moon pack

Chapter 1

life is cruel

Aurora’s POV : 

“Auroraaa get up you lazy ass” my best friend jade screamed at me pulling the covers from my body . ” go away jay shoo” I said .

I hate people who wake me from my sleep ! If I don’t get sleep properly I become a zombie and no one dares to talk to me at that time because I may end up eating them up just like the walking dead !!

Suddenly , ice cold water is poured on me . how could she?! I jerk up freezing due to the coldness of water . and I see the devil a.k.a my Best friend laughing like a hyena. ” I swear to god jay I’m gonna kill you !! ” I run after her , and I tackle her making her fall flat on face to the ground thanks to my wolf Isabelle I’m stronger than most female wolves .

” Ohh godd my nose you broke my perfect nose Aurora !!” She says dramatically . I roll my eyes because she is the number one drama queen i have ever met . She deserves a award for it . ” That’s what you get for waking up a zombie from sleep . don’t you ever wake me up like that ! Like everrr ” I say smirking . She stands up and poses sassily rolling her eyes which makes her even more beautiful than she already is .

Jade is really beautiful with all those perfect curves and brown hair and her brown eyes . and here I am with blond hair and green eyes and a normal body with some decent features. 

I feel I am just an ordinary girl with ordinary looks . I can never believe if someone complements me about my looks . I don’t know why . ” Aurora you weren’t waking up I was waking you up for good 15 minutes what could I do ? I had to wake you up ! ” Jade says keeping her hand on her hips .” Why was it so important to wake me up from my beautiful sleep at 7 am jay ” I say pouting ” I lost good amount of sleep because of you ” 

” stop acting aurora you suck at it ” jade says sticking her tongue out and laughs again like a hyena . ” Jay were you born as a werewolf or mistaken as one ? because I am **** sure you are a hyena and you laugh just like one ” I say acting seriously to Jade .

” What ?? Do I laugh like a hyena ?? ” she asks with wide eyes . ” But that’s okay it will be a great help for me because whenever your parents torture you I will laugh like a hyena and call all the hyenas in this whole world to our rescue “. she says winking .

she needs some serious medical attention . but I really love her. I burst out laughing

. she was the only one who was always with me in her bad times whenever my parents used hurt me she came for my aid and consoled me. I’m so grateful to her . ” Aurora get ready fast or else you may have to face your mom’s wrath “. Yeah.. my parents gave me mental torture that hurts so much more than physical torture. I nod at her and run to bath room and do my work and remove my wet clothes and I take a quick shower and I wrap myself in a towel and I come out of the bathroom .

I see jade has already selected clothes for me to wear . I really don’t know how to dress up or to even pick a outfit . I would have been like a tribal if it wasn’t for her . ” thank you jay . you’re a life saver ” I say blowing a kiss to her . ” no problem aurii ” jade says sweetly. I wear navy blue top and skinny jeans , i don’t put anything to my face because I have a good skin and I tie my hair up in a high ponytail . I head to the living room along with jade I see my dad sitting on dining table and doing some paper work as he is the beta of silver moons pack .

Our Alpha is Alpha Damon who heads our pack . He is a very good man … unlike his son Jacob… that guy is a man ***** ! who sleeps with all pack females … gross ! he always eyes me as if he’s gonna rape me someday… i hate that man even jade does ! i just wish he finds his mate soon . i sigh ” aurora !” My mother calls loudly breaking my thoughts .

” Why did you get up so late ? Do you know what time is it ? I had to make the breakfast to your dad !! ” I flinch at her tone ” I am sorry mother ” I say looking down . ” Listen now Missy you have to make lunch and dinner for us as your punishment ! if u don’t you are not getting any food today ! Do you hear that ? ” I nod my head meekly . ” Good now get to work ” she demanded . My so called dad doesn’t even spare a glance at me ! What kind of dad is he ? I look down and tears start threatening to fall out but I hold them back . ” No ! I’m not gonna cry for such parents ” But deep down it hurts so much .

Jade was there silently watching everything .

” Godd what kind life am I living ?when everyone gets to enjoy their life ! And here I am doing household chores ” I sigh to myself . I always tried to be their perfect daughter but they weren’t satisfied with me . How can they be satisfied ? I am not their son .

My dad always wanted a son to take his beta position in the future , but when I was born he didn’t even want me . Because i am too weak and pathetic, even after that I always wanted to win their love but no matter what i do I didn’t succeed . 

 My parents always act so normal outside in front of everyone .. i really hated that.

I tried to be best at everything, i succeeded but failed to get any love or whatsoever from my parents .

” Aurora everything’s gonna be alright I’m always with you okay ?” Jade says feeling bad for me.

” Yeah jay I have you “. I tell her honestly .

She suddenly stood still as a rock, and resumed ” I gotta go aurii my dad’s calling I’ll be back ! love you “. Jade tells to me and before I could even reply to her she walks out out of the house in a hurry .

” Love you too jay” I say to myself and head to the kitchen . 



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