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The Joy Of KIlling

By @Athena

Chapter 1

The rain looked like tears from the eyes of my victims, softly falling on the ground with a light pitter-patter sound. I stand by the window gazing at my shed thinking about the many people that have been in the shed. The thought of them lead me to think of their screams of pain.Their screams fill my mind as I long for the feeling of having complete power over someone. The feeling is so overwhelming. I can’t wait any longer to go find my next victim. I quickly run to the shower to clean up, the warm water from the shower runs down my face. I create a mental plan that will make this quick and simple.

I dress myself into a black suit making my appearance look nice, I grab my umbrella and rush towards the tall brown door. I walk outside and the rain hits my umbrella the sound makes me happy knowing if it continues someone will eventually need a ride, with each step and each drop of rain that hits me I feel myself getting more excited I get in my black Mercedes Benz and head into my city.

I pull up into a old gas station people walk around talking to their family telling them they are running inside and will be back, to lock the doors and stay in the car. Everything about this place scream too obvious it’s too easily I want a challenge. I run inside to grab some water and try my best to avoid any obvious cameras from seeing my face. I grab two cold waters from the beverage coolers. I walk towards the casher and pull out a dollar and pay avoiding eye contact thanking the man as I walk out.

I get in my car and grab a bottle of gamma hydroxybutyric acid more commonly known as a type of date-rape drug . I quickly crush up two of the small pills, I open the water bottle and pour the crushed up pills into the water I shake it up and tighten the lid. I drive out of the gas station and drive down town. I see a few people that are walking alone but none of them fit my profile.

I drive for another 2 hour circling the neighborhood I found the last 3 girls, which is about 10 miles away from my neighborhood. Then I finally see her my next victim, she has the most beautiful dark brown wavy hair that flowed perfectly in the wind, she has it parted perfectly in the middle. The most magnificent Aquamarine blue eyes that shimmer when you glance at them. Her face was flawless perfectly shaped with just a tint of light pink in her cheeks. I then realize my plan is going to work better than I thought. In her hands she carried a bag she was leaving home. I quickly turn my car around and pull up next to her and roll down my window. She stops walking and smiles her smile was a genuine smile that can brighten up anyone’s day.

“Hi my name is Riley, do you think you could do me a favor and drive me to my friends house. She lives about a mile from here at 107 NW, Pleasant Grove Way?”

“Yeah I don’t see a problem with that i’m heading that way anyway.” I wave my hand signaling her to get in, she hops in and thanks me. A sweet aromatic fragrance fills my nose it then evokes a feeling of calm, a very pleasant feeling overcomes me. I smile as I reach behind my seat. 

“Are you thirsty, I have a spare water bottle?” I hand her the water and watch her open the cap and start drinking the fresh water. “So why were you walking over to your friends instead of having your parents drive you, I mean such a pretty girl like you shouldn’t have to walk places alone especially with that crazy guy on the loose.”

“Ugh, that’s exactly why, my parents say that because whoever that person is I have to stay home. Isn’t that ridiculous?” she sighs and runs her hand through her hair. I look at the time the drink should take effect in 15-20 minutes. I drive the wrong way and wait for her to notice. She’s too busy on her phone she’s texting her friend supposedly the one that i’m supposed to take her to.

About five minutes later she looks up and looks at me and sighs “You missed the turn, you were suppose to turn a few streets ago.” She looks behind us and yawns. The drugs are finally kicking in but not fast enough, so I quickly reply with “Yeah I know i’m just going down to the store real quick if you don’t mind?” I smile and point the the Big Top Supermarket that’s in front of us.

“Oh okay.. I’ll just wait in the car if you don’t mind.” She smiles and goes back to texting her friend.

“Alright but i’m gonna be like 10 minutes are you sure you don’t wanna come in?” I look at her and she just nods and looks away.

“Yeah I’m gonna stay, I don’t feel so well all of a sudden anyway.” I nod and shut the car door locking it. I walk inside and go and sit down at the mini cafe they have inside.

I check my phone and Thank the workers as I leave. It’s been 20 minutes since I came in. I peer inside my car window and Riley is there fast asleep, I smile and get in the car. I lean over to her seat and stroke her hair. I push the dark hair that lay in front of her face behind her ear and stroke her face one last time before I start driving.

I finally arrived home and carried Riley to the old rain washed shed I made. The shed smells like wet wood, Its cold and dark. I lay Riley on the ground as I unlock the two locks i’ve got to keep her in. When I walk in and pull a small chain to turn the light on. I quickly make Riley a makeshift bed out of old sheets. The sheets are wet and smell very musty since they haven’t been washed in months. Dry blood from the other girls stains the blankets that I lay down for her. I grab Riley and lay her down. Her once perfect hair now looks messy and muddy. I grab a chair and wait for her to wake up. That’s my favorite part to see their faces when they realize they aren’t home.

The poorly lit shed has a dreadful feeling to it which makes me feel happy and safe. Suddenly she begins to move and her eyes flicker as she adjusts to the lighting in the shed. I bend down in front of her and and stroke her hair. Her eyes are heavy and full of confusion, the once happy joyful filled eyes has vanished. Then suddenly she screams in fear, tears fill her eyes and she starts sobbing uncontrollably.

Her hair is wet and messy I run my fingers through her hair and quietly talk to her. “Shh, It’s gonna be okay you don’t need to cry, Im gonna take care of you. I’m all you need. Don’t worry you won’t end up like the other girls. I’m gonna take care of you, you’re special.” This only makes her cry more. She rattles the rusty chains around her arms, legs, and waist. She screams and scream until i’ve finally had enough of her screams. I stand up and start yelling at her “If you don’t shut up i will make you shut up. That wouldn’t be fun like i’ve stated I like you better that the others. So I don’t wanna hurt you but if you don’t stop that leaves me no choice.”

She stops screaming but tears still stream down her face. She lays there and cries I walk over to her and comfort her “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to yell it just irritates me when you scream. You wanna watch some tv as an apology?” She doesn’t say anything she just lays there and stares at the wall. “Alright I take that as a yes.” I walk over and turn on the News. Then go help her sit up I hold her with one arm and turn the volume up.

“Breaking News: The Florida Killer strikes again possibly Kidnaping young 16 year old Riley Ann Becker. The FBI states he’s probably a man in his late 20s to early 30s, he most likely suffers from BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER!

This disease is characterized by impulsive behaviors, intense mood swings, feelings of low self worth. If you have any information about Rileys whereabouts or The florida Killer please call the Florida FBI hotline at (202) 324-3000. Now Rileys Parent have a message for who ever took her daughter and Riley herself”

“Please if you have our sweet baby please don’t hurt her. Please let her go we beg you we will do anything for her back. Riley baby if you see this we love no matter what we are so sorry for getting mad at you. We just want you home safe. We love you baby.”

“Hey, look at that we are famous Riley, and your family is looking for you but no one knows its me who has you. Im your family now and family takes care of each other. Isn’t that right Riley?” she then turns around and scream at me and says “NO You’ll never be my family I hate you!!”

After she screams I turn around and slap her on the cheek she yelps in pain a red hand print instantly starts to brush and she starts crying again “You never raise you voice at me. Do you understand me?!” Riley slowly looks up at me and nods. “Now to deal with your appearance.” I walk over to a shelf and grab a pair of scissors that have rust on it from laying in rain water. I walk back to Riley and grab her hair. She cries out in pain and I sit her in front of me. She starts crying as I cut her hair “I know, I know I liked your hair too. I stroke her hair as I chop it all off. But maybe in a few years once everyone’s forgotten about you I’ll let you grow it out again.”

Riley cries more and whispers “They won’t forget about me they love me and will never stop looking for me. They are gonna catch you and then you’ll finally pay for your crimes and everything you’ve done and hurt.” 

“Sure dear, think what you want, but from experience they always forget give it a week or so. They will all find something bigger and better to report on.’’ I finish cutting her hair and I lay her back down “I’ll bring you dinner later tonight. Be a good girl.” I whisper kissing her forehead.

I walk out into the darkness of the night and rain. I walk to my house and when I finally get inside, I walk to the kitchen and start preparing lasagna. I put the frozen lasagna into the warm oven and walk down my long hall. I shower letting the hot water rinse the mud and blood from my skin. Watching it flow into the drain makes me feel accomplished. I get out of the shower and get dressed.

The timer for the lasana beeps and I rush to the kitchen stopping when I see my shed and I think about my new family member in there. I pull the lasagna out of the oven the heat of the food seeps through the oven mitt I have, and it starts to burn my hand. I drop the lasagna on the counter and wait another 7 minutes so it can cool down.

I cut two slices of lasagna and place them on plates to take out into the shed. I grab the warm food and walk out to the shed. I unlock the door and there right where I left her lays Riley in the same position as she was 2 hours ago. “Where you a good girl? Are you hungry. I made lasagna.” I walk over to Riley and sit down beside her. I unchain her hands and hand he the plate. Riley just sets the plate down and turns away from me. “I made food for you eat it now!” I slam my plate on the floor shattering the glass plate. Glass shoots everywhere cutting Riley and me.

Riley scream and she quickly grabs a large piece of glass, she hides it behind her and continues to cry. I walk over to Riley to make sure she was okay. I unlocked all the chains and stood her up. I had her walk to my house to clean the glass. As we were walking away into my house she Turns around and jabs a large shard of glass into my arm. I scream and fall in a mud pile and she runs. When I see her running away I jump up and chase after her, but she hides in a bunch of scrubs. “RILEY COME OUT NOW!” I scream for her.

After an hour of searching I give up and run inside. I grab a black suit case and fill it with my clothes and rush to get into my car. I drive about halfway to the airport before sirens fill my ears. Red and blue flashes signal the found her and they are gonna come looking for me soon. I finally arrived at the airport and buy a ticket to fly to California. I walk through the mass of people, and just before I make it on the plane a group of guards stop me.

They put me in handcuffs as they pull me away. People watch as I pass. The parking lot is swarmed with lots of police cars the FBI and even my dearest Riley, And as I left I shouted to Riley “Sometime Family betrays you but i’ll forgive you eventually.” Then I was shoved into a car.

“Now i’m here with you and that’s the whole story that what happened with Riley nothing more, nothing less. Are you happy. Now can I be left alone in this cage and wait for my final meal.”

“I just have one last question. What made you want to kidnap Riley, and kill the other girls? What was your motive?” The reporter asks staring me in my eyes.

“It made me happy to have control over others and be able to overpower them. It brought me joy. And for the record I killed more than 3 girls good luck finding the bodys when i’m dead. I start to laugh uncontrollably as the guards escort the reporter away from my cell. 

I look at the reporter one last time and smerk and shout “If I still could I would take you next you fit my profile perfectly, with your dark brown hair.” I smile and sit down on the seat I was given and await my death.

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