The Journey

By @mnavarroooo
The Journey

A normal day of hiking turns horribly wrong when one of the four teens disappears.

Chapter 1

The Journey


               Olivia, Josh and I walked into the room together slowly being separated by the guests. The three of them were being asked the same questions just by different people. “So how are you doing?” this was a common question that had to be answered in such occasions. People always had to pull a face and act like they are feeling better. The truth is that none of them felt good.

                Josh was the kind of person that would cry when nobody’s watching, but this broke him like a shattered piece of glass. Olivia was devastated. Me two days ago i was angry at the situation but then I remembered Taylor and I found peace I was still sad but I had to take care of what i’ve had.

I will always remember Taylor.



Ten days before the funeral

  I opened my eyes and I saw a clear blue sky with a couple of mountains in the background. I could feel the wind blowing through and massaging my hair. I’m was just where I wanted to be. I heard Taylor waking up, and I decided to go back to the cabin and make some coffee. Olivia, Josh and Taylor were going to need it. We were going to the Evergreen Mountain. We expected the journey to go perfectly. Little do we know.

           The villagers had told us to be careful during the trip especially in the last kilometers before the hilltop, the pathway was narrow, and if we were not careful we could fall of the cliff.

            The whole week had been sunny, but the one day that we were going hiking, it was cloudy. We were still going . Olivia, Josh, Taylor and I had been the best friends since I could remember. Hiking in the Evergreen mountains was at the top of our group bucket list.

            We were slowly hiking up the mountain. Evergreen is an absolutely beautiful place. The huge mountain were breathtaking. They were covered in flowers and trees of many species. Despite their friendly animals, healthy environment, hardly any dangerous animals lived there. Evergreen is miles long and absolutely stunning.


            Shortly after the arrival we began our journey into evergreen. We explored for hours taking a closer look at nature.

            Olivia was a bit of a nerd. She was a straight A student in biology. She picked out a few plants she wanted to observe and study. Josh in the other hand was what we called the “father” of the group. He cared for us as if we were his own children. He took care of us when we were sick and brought the first aid kit. Taylor had an exceptional personality. He craved adventure, danger and risks. I truly treasured him.

          While we were hiking he ran ahead of us, like a leopard, probably trying to find a bear. 

We found a place where we were going to spend the night then we divided and started doing different things, olivia and josh investigating the flowers. I was painting and Taylor went on a run.

Night fell upon us and Josh pointed out that Taylor was gone. I instantly panicked “where did he go! When exactly did he leave?!” Olivia figured out that maybe he had been ahead of us the whole time so we started looking for him. Every step I took my thoughts got worse. 

          Eventually I calmed down. It’s Taylor, this is who he is a crazy mind. I thought we’d find star gazing in a minute or two. Yet it was not the case. As we slowly walked up to the cliff the villagers had told us about we saw Taylor’s cap on the edge. I picked it up, came closer, and we all looked down, it was him. In a pod of blood.

Taylor, he was dead.

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