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The Jacobs

By @RandomGuy722


“We’re here” Alexander said pulling up to a blue bricked house that looked like no one has been it for years “this is the house”

“Alex, you told me the new house would look great. This house looks like it needs to be burned” his wife Ira looked at the house with a face of disgust

“It just need some fixing, that’s all”

“See Mom, this is why we said don’t let Dad pick out the new house”Jack said while reading his book

“And why we told you to look over the house before agreeing to it” Meg said, nodding her head in agreement. “It’s not that bad. At Least we have a roof over our heads” Ira ignoring her mom looks out the window and sees a shadow peeks outs of the window

“What’s that!” Meg said pointing at the shadow

“What’s what?”

“That shadowy figure in the window”

“Meg there is no shadow in the window. You’re just imagining things” Ira said not paying attention the windows

“It really was there Mom.” Meg rolled her eyes becoming more agitated

“She’s just hallucinating Mom” Jack puts down his book to see the shadow too “We’ve been in this car too long.I’m seeing things” they all get out the car and enter the house

“It looks worse on the inside than the outside” Ira looked around the room in disgust “ we are not staying here”

“ I spent good money on this house at least give it a chance”

“Alexander, how much money exactly!?” Ira raised her voice

“Only three hundred dollars” Ira face palms “The fact that it only cost three hundred dollars didn’t seem shady to you”

“I thought it was cheap,” they all facepalm and scold Alexander

“Dad, I love you but. Please let Mom pick the next house we move into”

“It’s not that bad. It looks comfy, doesn’t it?” Jack points to the stove.

“The stove looks like a rat decorated it. Why is the stove in the living room, anyway?!”

“Ok the house may not be the best, but I heard this is a good neighborhood, everyone here is so nice,” someone knocks on the door “I got it” Ira open the door to see a four people “Hello my name is Kelly me and my friends just wanted to welcome you to Normal street”

“Who names a normal street?”One of Kelly’s friends says from behind her “It’s such an Oxymoron. Just last week we had an army of cows and bulls fighting each other.” another one of Kelly’s friends hands Ira a gift basket. “Here’s a gift basket” Ira takes the gift basket “thank you you four”

“No problem,” the four walks off

“Who was at the door Mom?”

“Just some neighbors they gave us a gift basket with a card inside”

“Can I read it!” Meg said jumping up and down”

“Yes Meg you can read it” she gives Meg the card, Meg takes the card and opens it “ok it reads. Dear new neighbors, welcome to the neighborhood. This gift basket is a future apology for what you might see here. In this gift basket you will find a couple of things to help you if bulls and cows attack again”

“Did they just say Cows and bulls?” Jack asked, interrupting Meg.

“It’s probably just a joke,” Alexander said as he pulled out a taser from the gift basket

“Anyway. You will also find a taser just in case you get a visit from Billy and lock your attic door before you go to bed”

“Can we move back to anticore?” Jack asked in a worried tone.

“Oh and there is a cake and four hundred bucks for your troubles. Signed Kelly” Alexander pulls out the four hundred dollars “this has to be the weirdest welcome basket ever”

“How did they fit a cake in here” Meg said examining the rather small basket

“So how is this place better than anticore” Jack asked as he took the cake from the basket

“It’s not too big for you to get lost in. And it has more than just two schools,” Alexander said proudly

“We should probably unpack now” Ira took the cake from Jack and put in on the table

“Ok then Meg, your room is upstairs first door on the right and Jack yours is upstairs second door to the left” Jack and Meg each pick up a box and go upstairs to unpack

“And our room is down here right next to the kitchen”

“You have fun unpacking, I’m going to sleep” Ira goes into their room and lays down on the bed

Meanwhile, with Meg, who is sitting on her bed

“This place is so weird.ugh why did we have to move our old house was perfectly fine” Meg said complaining to herself, as Jack walks in

“Hey lil sis what ya doin. Well, besides complaining”

“I’m not complaining, I just don’t like the fact we had to move”

“I really don’t care that we moved, stuff was always happening in anticore,” Jack said as he sat next to his sister

“Do you see the shadow figure in the window?”

“Yeah, that’s the reason I came to talk to you.”

“Then why did you tell Mom I was hallucinating”

“I didn’t see it until I put my book down.”

“Whatever,” Meg rolled her eyes “so what do you think it was?”

“It s we both were hallucinating or we just found out why this house was so cheap”

Meg sighs “we need to stop allowing Dad pick the new house”

“Yeah don’t know why we didn’t learn our lesson when we moved to anticore”

“We should’ve. The first thing that happened was a beast came out of nowhere and kidnapped the entire town”

“That had to be the worst three days ever” Meg flopped back on her bed

“So back to the shadowy figure we saw. What are we gonna do about that”

“No what are you going to do about the shadowy figure”

“Your not gonna help me?”

“No I’m going to sleep now get out”

“It’s only six o’clock”

“Oh well goodnight” Jack gets up and leaves “might as well go to bed as well” Jack goes to his room and lays down on his bed

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