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The Island in the Middle of the Lake (Sample)

By @JamesMWilde

Chapter I

It was spring, I was 15 and bored out of my mind on this family trip. We were heading to this abysmal lakehouse undoubtedly filled with all sorts of bugs and wild animals to make me feel oh so unsanitary. My Older brother Blake and my younger brother Dylan were excited beyond comprehension. With my headphones in and my music on shuffle, I was listening to a playlist based on an old mix cd my dad made.

My mom and stepdad sat up front and were talking about how much fun we were going to have as a family. I wasn’t enthused with the notion but Dylan sure was. Blake was too busy texting girls from his school to care, and yes that was meant to be plural. About 20 minutes out from the lakehouse I remember seeing the sign for the town we were in. “Walker,” I thought of that one show with Chuck Norris in it that would play on the USA network every morning when I was a kid. I knew as soon as we got to the lake house that my disgruntled sense of being was a very valid reason. I could also see why we got it so cheap for the summer. It was dilapidated to the point that you could easily break into it by sliding the door off.

As we opened the front doors to it the handle on the main door popped off as my stepdad had twisted it open. As the door opened we stood in silence we as a family stared at the inside knob rolling across the living room floor.

“Well, this is already going greatly.” I smugly said.

My mother looked at me with a disgruntled look in her eye.

After a lengthy hunt for signal, my stepdad finally got ahold of the owner of the place who showed up after an hour to fix the door. Meanwhile, I had ventured my way to the backyard after bringing my stuff to my room in the room I was staying in. I sat lazily on the end of the dock. My toes barely scraping the surface of the lake. The water was still, there was a level of calming that came over me that felt nice.

A suddenly loud crashing noise came from the cabin and broke my attention away from the lake and I rushed back, finding my younger brother Dylan had broken a bunch of plates in a failed attempt to reach cups on the same shelf. His face, beet red with embarrassment and fear. Mom walked into the room and her smile cascaded into a look of sheer anger. I stepped out of the cabin to go back to the dock. As I returned to my previous spot I heard someone else walking on the dock. I turned around to see a girl about my age walking toward me with a book in her hands. Shifting myself caused a high pitched creaking in the doc and her attention quickly shifted from her book to me.

“Who the hell are you?” She asked placing her marker on her page and closing her book.

“My name’s Jessie… “ I replied.

“That’s my spot, either you move or you I’ll move you myself!” She exclaimed crossing her arms.

“Uh… I can move.” I said shifting myself over a couple feet.

She sat down and reopened her book. She was wearing a red and black flannel and had blue jeans on. Her curly brown hair was short and was parted at the left side. She had glasses on and a silver watch on her left arm.

“So what’s your name?” I asked nervously.

“Kate.” She replied shortly.

An awkward silence ensued.

“So how long are you guys here for?” I asked her.

“We live here.” She said curtly.


“Look I wanna read my book in peace so if you don’t mind walking away from me right now I’d very much appreciate it.” She said crossing her eyes and stiffening her jaw.

“Oh okay…” I replied standing up and walking away.

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