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The Invisible World of a Cashier at Cub

By @faithcichon0444

The Cashier at Cub

She spends her days working and coming home at 11pm every night. Most nights she would pull into the neighborhood blasting her favorite artist on her Honda Odyssey, casually waking up most neighbors, angering them. Her parents would tell her to stop blasting in the neighborhood but she would always say, “It’s payback.” 

She would go up the stairs that were right next to the front door, and head into her room that was seated at the top of the staircase. The music that she played from her room would be heard from the room across the hallway. She would rush her homework before 11:59pm, finishing while exhausted from the work.

Longish, curly, brown hair would be seated on her shoulders. She was 5’3” with small hands and small feet, and wore anything that could be said as soft. She had an addictive personality. When she loved a certain shirt she would wear the certain shirt until it was passed along to another clothing item. She was outgoing, and would make conversation with any stranger that she encountered, casually becoming friends with them. Being as generous as she was, she never expected to be paid back, yet always wondered about the what-if of saying no. Empathy took her over when friends were upset, validating them as they wouldn’t do to her. She expected no return, she was fortunate enough to behold this characteristic. 

The three jobs and school she had to go to stressed her out, giving her downtime only on Tuesdays. She worked the jobs for her own benefit, the benefit of buying things she wanted, and casually preparing a future for herself while wasting her teenage years working in retail. She enjoyed it half the time, the other half of the time was screaming in anger on the car ride home. Every Tuesday her friends would meet together, she would be picking them up in her car since they were all too young to drive, being generous as she is, she never asked for gas money. 

Living like this is exhausting, constantly working for the public and dealing with people that are just too angry that their coupon isn’t working. Yet she has the phone she’s always wanted, can pay her bills with no worry that she won’t be able to next month, spend her money on things she desires, and be proud of herself when she buys things for herself that she worked oh so hard for. Most of the time she wonders if it’s really worth it, she tells herself, “just til 10k” yet tells herself she can quit whenever. 

The thing she looks forward to everyday is the future. She holds herself to believe it will happen. The future of being on her own doing as she does without having to worry, the desire of being off the grid and a simple nobody. Being who she wants to be with no one to say otherwise. 

She is at peace with herself and the world. She is close to beholding this future, and once she has it, she won’t be recognized as the simple cashier working a 10-5 job 6 days a week. 

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