The Intimacy of Tasting Value

By @Eggs_Benedict
The Intimacy of Tasting Value

These are my first poems I've ever written from a collection of poetry :) It's about the struggle of finding completeness within yourself rather than the dysfunction of others. It's easy as a teen to grow attached to toxic people and feel responsible for their unhealthy actions, but its not easy learning to leave them behind and find love within yourself.

Chapter 1


She’s not captivated by the vacant echoing of faulty love

The kind so purposeless and desolated paint is chipping off the walls in colorless shades of spineless kisses and cheek-turning “nevermind”‘s 

The kind that so faint-heartedly disciplines her soul in the form of patience to come last in order to put “love” first

The kind that reels her in with words of varying uncertainty that dangles from a stick only to imprison her in an absence of actions

She needs love so unconditional the world around her relinquishes it’s jaw of conforming tongue-biting smiles and head nods

A love that needs no voice to speak tranquilizing volumes so defeaning it sinks it’s every inention profoundly into her soul

A love so gentle it dips it’s fingertips into the pond of her heart with euphoric ripples 


She needs time

She needs to feel her heart wrench in unsought sorrow

She needs to heal from the achingly addictive way her eyes still swallow the trainwreck of “what if”‘s everytime they flutter shut to cease her tears

In these moments she needs to tune into the way her 6th sense whispers “Do not stop.”

And in these excrutiatingly tormenting moments of crimson red agony and exhausting fabrications of “I felt entirely too much.”

She needs to keep whispering “Do not scream.”

She needs to open her heart with closed eyes

She needs to hum along to the tragic rhythm of sleepless nights

She needs to feel beauty withing the creases of her scars

She must in order to find authentic hearts and mind shattering conversations

The kind living decorated with unconventional music and eccentric masterpieces

She can

She will 

Because she deserves this and so much more.

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