The inside world

By @Thaconia
The inside world

Orion, Dandrouis, Gabriel, Devin, Capria, Twila, and Basil are all very different people. So when they first meet, they don't really care for each other and some even hate each other. But when things start not going so well at Hogwarts, and some of their friends go missing, they bond and join the DA. When Harry leaves, they end up taking it over for him. But will their feeble army of students be able to hold up against the dark lord?

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Chapter 1



She knew he was coming even before he did. Regulus had told her plenty about him. Then he had gone and died last year, leaving her alone with twin two year old children to care for. Of course, it wasn’t his fault. He had given a futile attempt to save the world. But now he was coming, and she didn’t know what to do. Voldemort. He had never said the name out loud, but she found it an old bunch of papers on his desk after he died. She could read fine, no matter what Regulus’ parents thought about muggles. They had died long before he married her. They wouldn’t stand for him marrying a muggle. But there was sound outside, and her heart beat loudly. She needed to do what they had planned. What they had planned if he ever came. She grabbed the toddlers off the bed and hid them under it. 

“Be silent. Be brave. Don’t talk no matter what he says.” And then she turned around. Blankets layered around the bed. And as stupid as it seemed, she stuffed a pillow under her stomach. Regulus had told her, the revealing spell would only work on magical things. The door burst open, just as she finished getting everything ready. He wasn’t anything like she expected. As terrible as Regulus had described him, he was worse. 

“Where are the boys? Tell me and I shall spare you.” His voice was thin and raspy, like the skin of a snake whispering over rough ground. She did only as they had rehearsed. She put her hand protectively over her stomach. 

“You’ll never find them.” She whispered. His lips twisted into a thin cruel smile. A hand emerged from his cloak. It was a white, dead thing. A wand appeared in his hands, as if it was grown there. It was as black as ebony, as white as snow, and as dead and evil as its owner. 

“So they’re still in you. This will be easier than I thought.” And he raised his wand and shouted a word. Green light blasted from the tip, and she fell over, dead. The murderer turned around and left the house, gloating in his victory. And as he apparated onto a hill side, far, far away, from within the house came the cry of heartbroken toddlers, shoved under the bed to watch their mother die. 

Orion woke in a cold sweat, the screams still ringing in his ears. He sat up straight, pressing his hands over his ears. There was a knock on the door. 

“Come in.” Orion answered shakily. Astoria Greengrass was at the door, glaring. But she always glared, so Orion wasn’t too worried. 

“You were screaming again.” She snapped. Orion blushed. This was the fifth time tonight he had woken, and either Astoria or Daphne came to his door, complaining about the horrible cries that had been coming from his room. Dandrouis, his two minute younger brother, had also woken, but he never complained. 

“Sorry.” Orion answered. “It won’t happen again.” Astoria raised a skeptical eyebrow and left, slamming the door behind her. 

“Orion?” Dandrouis asked into the now silent room. 


“We need to talk.” 


“You know why.”

Orion sighed and turned to Dandrouis, hanging his legs over his bedspread. 

“I don’t know why this is happening, okay?”

“I know you don’t. But what was the dream about?”

Orion sighed again. 

“I don’t know. It was confusing. A dream is a dream, right?” But the truth was, it really unnerved him. Dandrouis seemed to know this. 

“You’re hiding something.” Dandrouis said. He always seemed to know.

“I-well-it was weird.” Dandrouis didn’t say anything. Sometimes Orion wonder if he was the older one. “There was a house.” He paused again, but Dandrouis still didn’t talk. “And there was a girl.” Dandrouis raised an eyebrow and Orion blushed again. “It wasn’t like that. She was, like, twenty. And we were there.” 

We? As in us? Like, you and me?” Dandrouis asked. 

“Yeah, but we were like, three. Little kids. I would’t have recognized us if we didn’t have the picture.”

“The picture.” Dandrouis rose from his bed and flicked on the light. Orion blinked in the sudden brightness. Dandrouis scrambled in Orions backpack for a few minutes before pulling out a picture. Orion had been at the Greengrass’ for seven years, but he never unpacked his backpack, after bouncing around in muggle foster homes for two years before the Greengrass’ took him back. When he was five, they had decided that having three children was enough, and had given Orion to muggle foster care. But after two years(and about twenty homes), no one else would take him, and the Greengrass’ were forced to have him back. Even after seven years, Orion was scared the they would kick him out again, and this time Dandrouis would come with him. He often encouraged Dandrouis the same, but he refused to show any distrust to the Greengrass’. After all, Dandrouis was never kicked out like that. 

“Here.” Dandrouis picked up a thin golden frame and slipped the picture into it. He set it on his dresser. 

Orion nodded. “It was definitely us. Anyway, then the lady was killed.”

“By who?”

“By…..” Orion trailed off, but Dandrouis got the message. 


“And then he left. And we were upset because-because…” Orion’s stomach churned suddenly. That couldn’t be his mother. His mother had to be older than that. Besides, his father would never marry a muggle, he was the most pureblood racist freak that Orion had ever heard of. His father had died before he had the chance to meet him, but Orion was pretty sure he didn’t want to. 

“Because what?” Dandrouis asked softly.

“I don’t know. It was just a stupid dream.” 


“I’m going crazy.”


“Ignore me. I’m insane.”



“Just tell me what happened.” 

Orion sighed. He knew he would have to tell him sooner or later. Dandrouis never let go of a subject. 

“Because she was our mother.”

“What?!” Dandrouis sat straight up in from where he was on the floor. 

“Yeah, she hid us under the bed and you know who killed her with his wand and-“ 

“Orion! Wait. You’re freaking out. Like you said, it was just a dream.”

“But it’s not. There’s something going on here and I don’t know what.”

“Hey. Cheer up. It’s our birthday tomorrow, remember?” 


“Okay, now I know something’s wrong with you. Since when do you not get excited about your birthday?”

“You’re right.” 

“Then we should get a good night’s sleep.” He flicked the lights off again. “Good night, Orion.”

“Good night, Dandelion.”



“Good night.”

“Good night.”

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