The Infinite KnightZ

By @Odd_Siren
The Infinite KnightZ

The Infinite Knightz takes place in Starview City at Sterling Knight Academy.

Chapter 1

Let's have a little fun

In the dark of the night, a masked figure jumps from tree top to tree top. Every so often, they land on a branch, maintaining perfect balance.

As they jump to the next tree, the full moon manages to cast its light on them. Their long golden dirty blonde hair is pulled back into a ponytail. On their head is a cat ear headband which appears to be attached to the mask covering their eyes. They are wearing a black leotard under a dark blue leather jacket and black knee high heeled boots.

Racing below the treeline are two large cats, one a black panther, the other a leopard. Both have icy blue piercing eyes. They don’t appear to be racing one another. They’re managing to keep up with the masked figure.

The masked figure lands on a balcony. They turn around and look down to spot the two large cats. They wave their hand down at them as though they’re sending a signal. The cats take off in opposite directions. The figure then turns their attention to the glass doors. A smile forms across their face.

“Let the games begin.” They reach for both door handles, swinging the doors open.

In a banquet hall, full of patrons all dressed up for a masquerade ball, another masked individual takes the stage in the center of the room. The room grows quiet as upbeat music begins to play. The spotlight falls on the performer.

The masked performer is wearing a light blue ball gown. Her long brown curls have been pulled up into a half ponytail, held together by a white ribbon. Her eyes have been hidden away by the dark blue masquerade mask. And the stage lights have made her skin glow.

With her gloved hands, she grabs the microphone off of its stand and she begins to sing along with the upbeat music. Her voice is enchanting, spellcasting even. The patrons fall under her spell and they begin to dance along to her performance.

Back to the masked figure. They, well she has entered the dark room. She has taken out her flashlight and uses it to scan the rather large bedroom. She counts three king sized beds, all in their own area.

At Starling Knight Academy, it’s common for students to share a bedroom. The maximum in each room is three and only males can bunk with other males, same as females. Only seniors or those who have special requirements can have a room all to themselves.

The masked figure shines her light to the bed that has a shelf full of academic and science fair awards next to it.. She shakes her head and continues her search. Next, she casts her light onto a bed that has a lime green blanket over it. She pauses for a moment, taking a moment to recall something. She shakes her head and continues her search in the vast darkness.

The music comes to an end, but the patrons are still dancing. This has the masked performer laughing. How weak minded, she thinks to herself.

She jumps off of the stage, holds hands with a dancing masked man and dances with him.

The masked figure steps over to the bed closest to the balcony’s doors. She kneels down and casts her light under the bed. She spots a few books, some clothes, and a wooden box. She reaches for the box and pulls it over to her. She sits down with the box in her lap, and her flashlight in her mouth. She opens the box, which was simple enough, it wasn’t locked, which makes her skeptical.

Inside the box is a single emerald stone ring with a platinum band. She picks up the ring just as the lights get turned on in the bedroom. She thinks quickly and rolls under the bed, shutting off her flashlight.

Footsteps grow closer to her as she shoves the ring into her pocket. Above she hears the individual walking over to the balcony’s doors. She grumbles under her breath, cursing herself for forgetting to close them.

“No sign of an intruder, well besides the balcony doors being open,” a male voice announces.

“Is that a yes? Can I finally enter?” Another male voice shouts from the doorway. The masked figure begins to panic. Is the mission a failure?

“Remind me, your Majesty, why did you wish to leave the masquerade so early?” the first male asks bluntly.

“Too many girls wanting to dance with me, which isn’t an issue, but they were practically fighting for my attention,” the second male informs the other.

The footsteps head over to the doorway, allowing the masked figure to catch her breath. “Well, if you need anything, you know where to find me.”

The sound of the door closing echoes through her ears. She has to figure out a plan to escape and fast. She can’t fail, not now. This is her one chance to succeed, she can’t falter.

“My babysitter’s gone, you can come out now,” the second male calls out as he begins to walk over to the bed. Standing above the bed is a guy, sixteen or so, with French Crop styled brown hair. This is Reed Meadows. “You do realize that I’m talking to you?”

With a loud sigh, the masked individual crawls out from under the bed with the box in her hands. The lid has remained open.

Reed stares dumbfoundedly at the opened box. His gaze switches from it to the masked individual a few times. This goes on for quite a while, before he finally speaks, mentioning that the box was meant to be impossible to open by anyone other than himself. Afterall, a spell was casted on the box long before it was placed in his care. Now, he wonders if somehow the spell was broken, but even that would be impossible.

“Just who are you?” He meets her masked gaze, trying his best to see if he could see her eye color.

“Sorry, but I didn’t come here for a friendly chat, your highness.” She shoves the box into his grasp as well as shoving him a few feet away from herself. She cartwheels over to the balcony and spins in his direction. “Thanks for the ring.” She jumps off of the balcony and runs out of sight.

Back in the banquet hall. The patrons have finally stopped dancing, now are all exchanging confused stares amongst themselves. The masked performer is nowhere to be seen.

She has made her way out of the banquet hall and out of the building entirely. As she walks out, she begins singing a song which causes her hair color to change to golden dirty blonde. It also gets pulled up into a ponytail. Her entire outfit changes to match that of the thief’s.

Outside under the moonlight, the masked singer is greeted by the two large cats. She greets both by rubbing under their chins.

“This’ll be more interesting than we originally thought.”

Later that evening, the door to Reed’s shared room opens. A tall, muscular and caramel skinned guy walks in. He is followed by a rather short olive skinned guy. The two walk over to Reed, who is sitting on his bed, staring at the opened box.

The taller of the two, Dillon Silverman sits next to Reed. He takes the box out of Reed’s grasp and closes it. “Why was this opened?”

Reed stares down at the carpeted floor, wondering how he should answer the question. Would Dillon be mad that he let the thief get away with the ring?

Before Reed can answer, the shorter male, Spencer Webster chimes in, “It was stolen by a masked thief.” Both Reed and Dillon stare at him with surprised faces. “You two shouldn’t be that surprised.”

“Guess not, but I thought you only had Rhett’s permission to read his mind, not Reed’s,” Dillon comments.

Spencer begins debating on the fact that Reed didn’t seem willing to confess anything, so he took the initiative and sped the process along. He then tells them that he recognized the mask worn by the thief. It’s worn by Zena, an infamous thief known throughout the Magic Dimension.

“If she’s from there, then why’s she here, in Starview City?” Dillon crosses his arms. “She obviously has to have a reason for stealing Reed’s ring.”

“There’s no way she knows what the ring is capable of, right?” Reed laughs nervously.

Back in the banquet hall, the party is in full swing once again. Amongst the masked dancers is a teen guy who looks identical to Reed, only his hair is blond. He stands off to the side with two girls. One of the girls is quite taller than him, while the other is only 4’10. The taller of the girls has short reddish brown hair and olive skin. And the shorter one has fair skin with turquoise long pigtails.

“That performance was so…what’s the word I’m looking for?” The guy, Rhett begins to stroke his chin as he searches for the right word.

“Revolting? Laughable? Obnoxious?” Avery, the tallest of the three begins listing off cruel insults.

“The word you’re looking for is, enchanting,” Poppy Meadows the shorter girl blurts out, making sure her voice is louder than Avery’s, who growls at her. “Let me explain, before you lose your temper.” Poppy stands in front of them holding a point brush in her left hand. In the air, she begins drawing the masked singer singing once again on the stage. She then draws the patrons dancing along. “What seems wrong with this illustration?”

“Well, for one you drew her wearing a pink dress, but she was wearing a blue one,” Rhett comments. Poppy scowls at him, making him pout. “Though, I agree with your creative judgement, pink does seem like it suits her better.”

“Before this becomes a thing, may I have a turn at guessing what’s wrong with the illustration?” Avery points to the dancing patrons in the illustration. “No other performance this evening got everyone to dance immediately.” The two siblings nod in agreement.

“Even I must admit, I felt compelled to dance to her singing, which is frightening to say the least,” Poppy admits as she wipes the illusion out of the air. “Which means, we’re dealing with a powerful foe.”

“Now hold on, why does she have to be our foe? What if she ends up being a new friend?” Rhett tries his best to convince the two of them, but their faces say it all: they’re not convinced in the slightest. He could continue to try to argue with them, or drop it entirely.

Rhett decides to drop the conversation entirely. He just stands there, spacing out as Poppy and Avery continue discussing the best strategy of catching the masked singer. He slowly slips into his imagination.

The banquet hall disappears and is replaced with a grand ballroom. Masked dancers swirl and spin around the floor as Rhett, dressed as a masked prince makes his way through the crowd.

In the middle of the dancefloor, he is greeted by a masked maiden wearing an over the top pink sequined gown. On top of her head is a bejeweled purple tiara. Her golden dirty blonde hair is curled with pearls decorated in it. She elegantly bows to him, he does the same.

Their hands clasp together, her left hand rests on his shoulder as his right hand rests on her side. Their joined hands extend forwards as they begin to twirl. She catches him off guard as she begins to sing sweetly. Her voice enchants him and he wishes she would just take off her mask.

“Beautiful Maiden, may I ask who you are?” Rhett asks as they dance across the floor, weaving through the other dancing couples.

The Masked Singer continues on with her song, making his question go unanswered. However, at the moment, he doesn’t care. Her voice makes him forget about everything. All that matters is that he’s enjoying their dance.

Back in reality, Avery and Poppy are judging Rhett, who is spinning in place, acting as if he’s dancing with his imaginary partner. The girls exchange concerned glances. They play a few rounds of Rock, Paper, Scissors; Poppy emerges victorious.

Avery taps Rhett on his shoulder and he is pulled out of his fantasy. “You good?” she asks after noticing his somber expression. He simply nods his head and strolls away from them.

“You thinking what I’m thinking?” Poppy pops up next to Avery, who nods her head to the question. “Spence might get a little jealous if he catches on.”

“It’s just a delusion caused by her song, once we catch her and make her confess his crush will go away,” Avery tries to convince herself. She grumbles under her breath as she chases after Rhett.

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