The Imortality key

By @ConnorCoates

The Imortality key

By @ConnorCoates

A story full of twists and turns on every page. This story will fully emerse you and draw you in to the world of Charlie and James. It will send you into another realm full of Vampires, Withces and Worlocks, full of danger and unforseen adventures!

Chapter 1

The Awakening

The light flickers on as Charlie’s mum enters his room to awake him. “wake up” Charlie’s mum bellows “it’s your birthday!” It was Charlie and his twin brother James’ 16th birthday.

Charlie and James were twins but didn’t look the same both Charlie and James had brown hair but Charlie had a short hair cut that he would spike up a bit when its special occasions but as he had short hair he didn’t style it that often as it wouldn’t really get messy where as James had longer hair that he would keep messy as a style, Charlie was skinny as he didn’t like being to active but liked to eat healthy he would rather stay in and read a book about the olden times and mythical stories from back them he loved reading them and wandering weather they could actually be true or not than go out but from time to time he would go on adventures with James. But James was very active and adventurous he loved going out and about to abandoned buildings and exploring new places he hasn’t seen before he was very brave and loved doing dangerous activities.

Charlie shot out of his bed dashed into his brother’s room and switched the light on “Wake up its our birthday!” James mumbled “mmh go away” and flapped his hand as if to tell him to leave him alone. “okay fine” Charlie replied then ran down the stairs and straight into the living room, every year their mum would do the same arrangement of presents Charlie’s would be on the right hand side of the room next to the sofa and James’ would be on the left hand side of the room , Charlie ran straight to his presents and started opening them the first present he opened was a book the title read ‘The ultimate guide to mythical creatures : Witchs , Vampires and Warlocks’ “thanks mum!” Charlie said in a chirpy voice. The second one he opened was an iPhone 8s hastily his mum said, “we can set that up after school if you like?” “sure mum”. He proceeded to open his presents and got a couple of board games, some money and a jumper that his Grandma had knitted for him and set off for school.

Him and James always walked to school together then met up with Charlies girlfriend Lucy, she was a pretty girl with long brown hair and had an athletic body she liked a lot of the same stuff as Charlie she loved reading old books and solving mysteries, and their friend Adam, Adam was popular in school as he plays a lot off sport he plays CMD in football so is very athletic and a very fast runner. When they all met up James explained about an abandoned building he had seen and would like to visit and invited them along. All except Adam excepted the invitation because Adam had Football practice after school. “I’m going to the library first though they have a new room just for old books” Charlie exclaimed.

They all just finished school and Charlie rushed to the library, he headed straight to the new room and thought loads of people would have been in there but instead it was deserted not a soul in sight. He skimmed the names of the books as he walked past them but then he hit his foot on a book peeking out from underneath the book shelf. It was a thick leather book and was quite heavy it had lots of dust on the cover masking the name of the book with one breath Charlie cleared the dust from the old, musty smelling book. The title read ‘The Myth of The Key to Immortality’. He slowly pealed open the first page of the book, the first line of the book announced that ‘who ever holds this book holds the key to immortality’. He tried to turn to the next page but instead of there being more pages there was a secret compartment.

Resting dormant inside the secret compartment was ancient golden chalice with diamonds incrusted around the brim, engraved on the chalice was a witch and a warlock standing hand in hand and a bat the flew between them, it wasn’t an ordinary bat, it had a greater wingspan than a normal bat as if the size of an eagle, the handle was made of wood and was twisted around as if it had been growing around something, the bottom of the chalice was made from some unknown metal that Charlie couldn’t figure out.

Charlie wrapped his hand around the handle and slowly lifted it from within the book, then he caught a glimpse of something written inside the chalice and read it out loud “ Who ever can hold the key holds the power” suddenly the chalice started to glow and started to sting Charlie’s hand as if it were burning him out of reaction Charlie drops the chalice and it falls to the ground. As fast as it started to glow the chalice dimmed; Charlie started to wander weather this really was ‘the key to immortality’, he picks it up and slides it into his bag and thinks nothing more of it. Charlie rushes home to set up his new phone before he goes with James and Lucy to the abandoned building James was so excited about.

He gets home and is greeted by James “where have you been, we need to go!” dragging Charlie back out the door “ Ugh, fine but I was going to set up my new phone first” Charlie explained “ Aww come on do it after” James whined “ Fine ill call Lucy and tell her to meet us there”

They arrive at the abandoned building, it was still daylight so they could see the building clearly. Before them stood a giant decaying wooden house, bits of the roof were missing and most of it seemed to have decayed away along time ago. The whole house looked like it was on its last length, all the windows were smashed however there was one stained glass window that was still standing and seemed to look in perfect condition that looked into the attic.

Lucy started walking round the corner and when she saw Charlie she ran up and gave him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek, she seemed upset so Charlie stood and cuddle with her for a little bit and asked if everything was okay she looked at him in a tear in her eyes Charlie whipped the tear from her eyes and asked “What’s up babe?” “My parents have been arguing” she replied starting to sob Charlie pulled her in for another hug and said “Its fine now you with me, lets go have some fun and maybe you will forget about it” “Okay2 she said now with a smile on her face.

They opened the large metal gate that lead to the front garden, and as they stepped foot on the old coble stone path leading to the house a chill ran through all their bodies, but they thought nothing of it and proceed towards the large wooden front door.

James pushed on the door and it creaked open to reveal what would have once been a beautiful house a once rich red carpet laid on the floor that would have ran through the house, now all there was, was a dirty brownish coloured carpet with bits missing within it and covered in dust that lead into the kitchen and half way up the stairs to where they had collapsed. “Well I guess where not going up stairs then” Lucy said jokily “No it’s the basement I want to get to” James said sternly “Tommy from school said there was a door down there that no one could open, so I want to try and open it”. “To the basement it I than” Charlie said joyfully.

They open the door to the stairs that lead down to the basement and a gush of wind blew into them from the basement. Lucy grabbed Charlies hand and whispered in his ear “I’m scared baby” “It’s okay baby Ill protect you” Charlie replied proudly and started to walk down the stairs with Lucy and James following behind him. There was no light down there so James pulled a torch out from his bag and shined it across the basement and just as James had said there was the door.

The door looked like it was a lot older than the house itself it was a wooden door but was reinforced with metal as if a med evil jail sell, around the door were weird symbols that looked almost demonic but they just assumed it was kids graffitiing and Charlie said “ why cant people just leave these old building be instead of graffitiing them and destroying their beauty”. They decide to get a closer look at the door.

At the side of the door on the wall was a circular shape with a whole running through the middle of it Charlie runs his hand over it, they started to hear a low humming noise coming from Charlies bag, it was the chalice Charlie pulled it out of his bag and it was glowing brighter then before so bright it was brighter than James’ torch. Suddenly they hear a loud crash come for the other side of the basement and decide to leave as they thought someone else was there.

By the time they left the house it was just getting dark and the street lights were starting to turn on so Charlie decided to walk Lucy home to make sure she was safe, by the time he reached Lucy’s house it was pitch black Charlie gave Lucy a kiss good and told her he will see her tomorrow. As Charlie was walking home he had to walk down a street were the street lights weren’t working but his house was just around the corner so he walked that way anyway, as he got half way down the street he felt like someone was following him he started walking faster and then he heard a crunch of a stick behind him so he turned around to see what it was and behind him in the distance was a tall figure standing there watching him, Charlie started to get scared and adrenalin ran through his body. With all his energy he turned, and as fast as a cheetah chasing its prey ran to the end of the street and busted through his front door. James came down the stairs to see what was going on “ Are you alright” “ Yeah everything’s fine I just thought I saw someone following me” he replied panting and still trying to catch his breath, “Did you get home alright” he questioned James “yeah I was fine” James replied and they then both went to bed.

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