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The Immortal Rules

By @choppedmint

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Sam lore:

Grown and raised in Texas. Pretty much went to school in the town he was born it. Mother and father were in an unhappy relationship. Had two sons with five years between them, Sam being the youngest. One day his mother left (when Sam was about ten) and father was left to take care of both sons. This worked out fine. They weren’t the most financially secure, but it worked. Until father was riding on the bus to his place of work and a truck blindsided the bus, which ran into a building. Father was killed, leaving older brother as Sam’s legal guardian at 18. Brother couldn’t do it, so tracked down the mother and unloaded Sam onto her.

Sam has never seen snow, enjoys video games, least favorite subject is reading (pfft, why do I RP this kid?) and if he had to pick a favorite food it would probably be pasta or ice cream.

Samuel had a group of three friends in school, the only things I really know about them was that one was a girl two years older than him, and the other two were boys (unrelated) that were about his age. Sam forgets to wash his hair, so they used to give him soap as a present as a running joke/heavy hint. He still isn’t washing it very often, so guess it didn’t work. He shares a name with another character from the same world, both in the complete form and in the nickname (Sam/Sammy). I found no way to work in this fact. It was a complete accident and it was only later that I realized this might be questioned.

That’s human Sam’s background, at least.

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