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By @prime_priestess
The Image

This is the new version of The Girl In The Mirror! Cowritten by me and my best writing bud Marin <3

Chapter 1

Jason watched his father blow up in front of his eyes. In fact, he had been sitting right beside him. The plane was coming in for landing. He looked over at his father, and smiled, taking his eyes off of the ground.  

“Son, watch out!” His father had screamed. Jason turned back. He was coming in too hot. But it was too late. He watched as the plane collided with the ground. Pieces of metal flew everywhere. His dad reached over and pulled a lever on his seat, and Jack exploded out of the plane. He watched helplessly as the plane tumbled across the tarmac, and came to a stop. He watched his dad roll out of the plane, trying to get away. But again, it was too late. The plane exploded. Jason screamed as he hit the ground, his parachute falling around him. In no time at all, there was a medical crew surrounding him, and he became aware of the fiery pain that was exploding up his back. Nothing would ever be the same.  

“Jasie! It’s time for your first day of high school!” Mrs. West bustled into his room, opening the curtains. 

Jason groaned. School. The dumbest thing since sliced bread. 

“I’ll make you some nummy pancakes, k?” Mrs. West left his room, humming some tune.  

Jason rolled his eyes and got out of bed. He put on his favorite baseball cap and a random pair of shorts. He rummaged around for his backpack, not sure where he put it at the end of last year.  

Eventually, he found it under his bed. He knelt down to grab it, but he couldn’t get back up. He rolled over onto his back, frustrated. Ever since the accident, his back had not been the same. He had shards of metal from the plane stuck in his spine. The doctors hadn’t been able to remove it.  

“Mom! Can you come here?” He yelled. He hated to have to ask for help. But he didn’t have much choice. Mrs. West came up the stairs and gasped. 

“Oh, Jasie! Are you ok?” 

“Yes! Just help me up,” Jason grumbled. Sometimes. He just wished his mother was not his mother. She came over to him, and together they got Jason back on his feet. 

“Are you feeling well enough to go to school?” Mrs. West asked. 

“Yeah. I’ll be ok. But I’m gonna be late for the bus,” Jason pushed past her and limped down the stairs. 

Jason stood at the bus stop, thinking about everything. And nothing all at the same time. 

The bus pulled up and he and some other students climbed onto the bus. Jason walked down the rows of seats, but there were none open. Except one. 

“Can I sit here?” Jason looked at the ground, instead of the hottest girl in the school. How could this happen? This day was going to be horridly embarrassing. 

“Sure!” Micah shifted over so Jason could sit down. 

“What’s your name again? I think we had a class last year, but I can’t seem to remember,” Jason asked, knowing full well what her name was. 

“It’s Micah. You’re Jason, right?” Micah smiled.  

“Oh. Uh, yeah. Yeah, I’m Jason,” Jason continued to look at his lap. 

“Ok,” Micah looked at the window. 

Then she turned back. “You’re… you’re the kid who had that accident…right? That must have been awful.” 

Jason nodded. “Yeah. That’s me.” He adjusted his cap, pulling it lower over his forehead. 

“You know, I lost my dad when I was a kid, too.” Micah looked over at Jason sympathetically.  

“Really?” Jason turned and looked at her for the first time. Her blue eyes seemed kind, and her hair floated around her shoulders like a crown. She was beautiful. 

“Um, are you going to get off the bus?” Micah chuckled, motioning to the rest of the students who were filing off the bus. 

“Oh, yeah. Sorry. It- was nice talking to you,” Jason coughed and shuffled off of the bus.  

“I’ll see you later, Jason,” Micah smiled as she walked towards the school. Jason stood there for a second, staring after her. 

“BRO! Were you just talking to Micah! Micah Riley?” Jason’s best friend Jack came up behind him, slamming his arm over his shoulders.  

Jason winced. “Yeah, guess so.” 

“Sorry, bro. Didn’t mean to hurt you. By the way, you coming to the football game? Cuz you’ve already picked the hottest date in the school!” Jack propelled Jason into the school. 

“No. I don’t go to sporting events. And no, I have no date. We just sat next to each other on the bus. That’s it,” Jason sighed as he opened his lock on his locker.  

“Just sayin’. You gotta get out more, bro! Live life a little.” Jack opened his locker. 

“I tried that once. And we both know how well that went.” Jason slammed his locker shut and marched to his class. 


“How could you!” Elah screamed. “I trusted you!” 

Micah looked around the courtyard of the school uncomfortably. “Elah, please,” 

“I told you that I loved him! He’s mine, ok!” Elah raised her hand up as if to slap Micah. 

“Please, Elah. Don’t start a fight. Not here,” Micah whispered.

 Elah glared at her. “This is not finished.” Elah dropped her arm and marched back into the school. 

Micah sighed and slid down the wall of the school. The bell rang, indicating the end of lunch.  

Micah opened the door to her fourth period class, and all the students turned to look at her. 

The teacher coughed. “Miss, you are late.” 

Micah cringed. “Sorry. I- got lost.” 

“You can take the empty seat next to Mr. West.” The teacher motioned to the front corner. Jason smiled at her and a sense of peace came over her. She walked to the corner and sat beside him. The teacher continued the lesson, but Micah couldn’t help but not pay attention. She could feel Jason watching her. She jumped as a note flew from behind her and landed on her desk. She opened the paper airplane shaped note. She could feel Jason reading it over her shoulder. She sighed and read it herself. She gagged in disgust and turned around. One of the boys wearing the school’s mascot on a football jersey winked at her. She frowned and shook her head.  

“Excuse me, but is there something you want to share with the class?” the teacher asked, tapping Micah’s desk with her pointer thing. 

 “Yes.” Micah stood up and turned around. “Hell no!” She said and chucked the note at the football jock, Carter.   

“Young lady, office! Now!” The teacher yelled. Micah grabbed her stuff and strutted out of the room. 

Jason was in love. 


Micah was glad she got to spend the rest of the day in the office, since it meant she didn’t have to see Elah. Or Jason. Her mind was spinning. First day of school and her sister and half the school already wanted to kill her. Chucking a note at the most popular guy in the ninth grade was probably not the greatest move. But she didn’t really care. He was disgusting, and frankly, she was above him. 

Micah walked out of the principal’s office with three hours of detention and no ride home. She began the three mile walk home, taking her time. Home was not a place she liked to be, anyway.  

“Micah! It’s about time! We have things to discuss!” Elah marched up the sidewalk to meet Micah.  

Micah sighed and shook her head. “Look, Elah, it’s not what you think.”  

“And what do I think? Since you seem to know me so well.” Elah spat. 

“You think we’re in love! But, we’re not, Elah, I’ve never talked to him before today!” Micah said.  

“Liar! Did you see the way he looks at you?” Elah screamed. 

“99% of the male student body looks at me that way. It’s pretty disgusting, don’t wish for it.” Micah rolled her eyes. 

“Don’t mock me! I love him!” Elah punched Micah and ran for the house. Micah stumbled backwards, holding her hand up to her tender cheek. This day was going great. She sighed and picked up her bag.  

“Micah!” Her mother screamed from the kitchen. Great. 

Micah walked up the steps and into her house. There was no telling what Elah had told her mother. 

“How could you have hurt your sister like this!” Her mother scolded her. 

“Mom, have you seen my face!” Micah pointed to her bruised cheek. 

“Go to your room! No supper for you,” Mrs. Riley shooed Micah up the stairs. Micah clenched her fists and said nothing. She looked over at Elah, who was smirking. The little *****.

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