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The Identity Crisis

By @jinza13

The Journey

“Can’t we just go by car?” I muttered in frustration, staring in disgust at the ankle-height puddle before me, thick, lush bushes blocking any other passageways. I flinched as a ginormous fly flew past me, making me almost trip backwards onto the rocky ground, damp from last night’s rain showers. I gasped as my little brother dived forward, barely making it across the awfully long puddle with his short legs.

“Let’s just go, Zara. The amusement park isn’t very far from our house anyway.” Dad stated, he and Mum dipping their feet into the muddy, fly-infested water and slowly trudging across.

“I’ll ruin my shoes! I’m not flexible enough to jump across either…” I groaned, staring down at my newly bought sneakers. I glanced at my parents’ matching bright blue rainboots, wishing I’d brought my own. I sighed, dragging myself across the puddle in dismay. I groaned as the inside of my shoes filled with mud and the cold, soggy feeling dissolved through my entire body. I sighed in relief as we stepped out of the dark woods, the bright sunlight shining in my face, my eyes taking a few seconds to get used to the sudden luminosity. My family and I made our way through the grassy fields, the heads of brightly coloured rollercoasters coming into view. 

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