The heartsmith

By @AngryAuthor

The heartsmith

By @AngryAuthor

This book was actually made a few years ago, by me, of course. I made a few tweaks to it, made it a lot longer than I wanted, but I'm proud of it!

Chapter 1


A long time ago but also happening right now, in a rather large village, there was a small brick forgery. The people of the village often went by, to see how the young man was doing, working around the lava and sharp objects worried them. One day, the village was crowded, as usual, but the smith stayed inside, calmly eating sweet bread while listening to the stomping of the villager’s feet. creeek. It was the sound of the door, opening and letting the hot air breeze flow into the workshop. The heartsmith sat up, brushed off the bread crumbs onto a small plate, walked into the main room to greet his customer. “Hello!” The heartsmith said with a smile spreading across his face. The man looked up quickly from inspecting one of the heartsmith tools. He smiled back, and held out his hand, “Hello, I’m Lucious. Pleasure to finally meet you, Heartsmith.” He had a toothy grin, silver eyes, and a regal and handsome face. The man wore a black suit with a red tie, along with black dress shoes. The heartsmith greeted Lucious with delight. “Why do the people of this town call you ‘heartsmith?’” Lucious said with curiosity. Though he seemed to just be a lone customer in the forgery to do business, there was something off about Lucious. When he talked, all other sounds drowned out, even the sounds of the busy townspeople. The way his eyes strained, as if they weren’t his eyes. That toothy grin didn’t seemed to be truthful, like there was more to it than that. “Well, when I am requested to make a weapon, they are so sharp, they can pierce a person’s heart!” The heartsmith smiled. His face was covered in dirt, grime, and grease. “Hm. Well, I think you’d like to know why I’m here.” There was a pause. The heartsmith eyes widened, with fear brushing across his face, frozen in place. Lucious smiled, but this time it was different. His smile seemed to be evil, spreading to both corners of his face. Imagine a persons expression changing from friendly, to evil. That’s what just happened with Lucious. He approached the frozen heartsmith, tapped his chest, “release..” Lucious spoke, then stepped back. A glowing orb flowed out of the heartsmith; his heart, his soul. Lucious grabbed at it, then looked at it curiously. The heart was crimson red, and had pieces chipped off of it. Usually, humans have white souls, with no pieces detached from them. In some cases, there were pieces added on, depending on their parentage. ‘Hm..No matter. His soul will still suffice.’ Lucious turned to walk away, his smile still spread to the corners of his face. The soul was placed in a small glass box, small enough to fit into his pocket. As he turned to leave, he spoke in a low voice, one of which the heartsmith could hear echoing into his own mind. “It’s been a pleasure, Asura.” The Heartsmiths’, now known as ‘Azura,’ body stood lifelessly. His eyes were completely white and looked as if you were looking at glass. Snap. Something snapped, from behind Lucious. “Hm. That’s a name I haven’t heard in awhile.” It was the Heartsmith’s voice, but something was different about it was..different. It was colder, deeper, more heartless. It echoed with the same evil of a demon. “So, Lucious, how have you been? Or is that Varga possessing some innocent human?” Lucious blinked. Fear went up through his veins, up from his stomach and all the way up to his head, clouding his thoughts. When his eyes opened, the heartsmith–Azura, stood there, but was it Azura anymore? His appearance had changed. The once young boy now had curly snow white hair, differing from his once spiky jet black hair. His once soft, grease stained skin was now red scales with strange symbols..were they moving? His nails stretched out and were razor sharp claws. His feet had enlarged, and cracked the wood under his feet. Lucious stood frozen in place, his mouth open. He attempted to talk, but words refused to come out. Fear washed over his entire body, along with Anger. They seemed to battle for what would make him act first. Fear won. “H-How?” Lucious voice quivered with fear. Beads of sweat fell down from his forehead. “I have your soul..You shouldn’t be able to even move!” Lucious stepped back, cradling the small box. He was shaking like an abused dog. “Here’s the thing, Lucious, or Varga. Demon’s, they don’t have just one soul. We have multiple, one for each part of us. The one you took?” Azura disappeared, “That was my Mercy.”  Azura appeared behind him, his hand raised up. He slashed down, blood splattering across the concrete floors of the forgery. Lucious cried out in pain, but he fought back. Now it was angers turn to fight act. In a fast movement, with a blur of silver, the terrified human rippled Azura’s claw back. It didn’t do much, after all, his entire body was covered in impenetrable, crimson red scales. Lucious held a sliver dagger in his hand, while still staggering farther into the forgery. Fear took back control. “You shouldn’t be..I took your..What are you?” His voice quivered as if we were a young child again, having a bad dream. Azura smiled, his blinding white teeth being shown. “Why, did you not hear me a moment ago, Lucious? I’m a demon. You are a human. Though, your master is a different story..” Azura crept toward him eerily, that evil smile still spreading from the sides of his face. “I won’t kill you, if you tell me who you work for.” Azura was now standing over him. His crimson red eyes glared over him, fire exploding in them. They were filled with evil. “I..I” Lucious stuttered, looking up at the demon. “Lucious, you’d better hurry..I don’t want to kill those reinforcements you called.” Lucious throat felt as if it were on fire. He was started to shake from fear. “No..No, no no.” Lucious held the silver dagger in front of him, through his hand shook from fear. “Oh? Are you trying to fight back, Lucious?” Azura continued to step toward him. Lucious continued to step back. Azura glanced behind Lucious, and noticed the active, scorching hot magma that laid idle in a small pot behind him. Normally, he would have called out to help him, but he didn’t. Instead, he kept going forward. Azura laughed. “Oh, look at you! Where did all that confidence go? Did you think I was a lower level demon? Or that I was a prole?” Azura stood over him while Lucious stood still, not daring to move an inch. Azura raised a claw, and brought it down. Crimson red liquid poured out of Lucious. “Like I thought. Zander is back, and it seems like he is coming for me first.” Azura’s appearance began to return to normal. The once curly, snow white hair straightened, the white draining out of it and turning to black. The scales that engulfed his started to shed off of him, as if they were fur falling off an animal. His nails became ragged and short once again, and his feet returned to normal size. He looked at the body of Lucious, and sighed. Azura, of course, didn’t feel remorse. Because Lucious had been dead for some time now, centuries maybe. This was just a vessel, an already dead human that died of natural causes. Lucious body laid decaying at his feet. It would leave no trace of the body ever being here, once it was gone. The small box with his soul–or part of it anyway, had fell onto the ground. Picking it up gently, he took it out and let it float almost weightlessly in his hand. It was cold, crimson red, and pieces were chipped off of it. This was his mercy he was holding. His ability to feel a persons fear. ‘Should I?’ The words echoed through his head like a song you couldn’t remember the words to. He raised the soul to his chest, then realized something. It was quiet. Too quiet for the busy town. Azura gripped the soul, and walked og his forgery. He nearly crushed his own mercy.

I’m coming for you, Azura mouthinghail.

The words had been written on the road, in dead, bloody bodies. The people of the town had been massacred by someone..Zander. The back of Azuras eyes stung. He walked among the bodies, recognizing each of them. They were all people he had cared about, and even more. Azura dropped the part of his soul, that made him feel a person’s fear. He left it among the bodies, and left the town.

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